Sonic Scrubber Review

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Keeping your house clean can be such a pain, quite literally as well, as you end up stretching and putting strain on your body to get the job done. It’s also a time consuming exercise, which is just not possible today when our lives are so hectic. And you have to rely on harmful chemicals even if you don’t want to use them around the house. But what if you were told that you have a way around all these issues and you can clean without hours of scrubbing? Yes; Sonic Scrubber is that smart solution for you.

How does Sonic Scrubber Work

Sonic Scrubber is an effective alternative that is easy on your hands so that you won’t feel any strain while cleaning. And what’s more, it fits into the palm of your hand as well. Now without any manual scrubbing required you will be able to ensure that dirt and grime is blasted away. Sonic Scrubber is known for its strong bristle brush and it makes the most out of sonic oscillation technology. That’s the reason any kind of bathroom build-up will be removed without any hassle. And what’s more, the job will be done within no time.

You can use Sonic Scrubber for the toughest bathroom cleaning job because it offers you high power cleaning. You will also be able to clean areas that are difficult to get to, even with the help of a tooth brush. But Sonic Scrubber can do these cleaning jobs effectively, thanks to the cone brush that can be easily attached to it. Its pointed end coupled with the angled design means it can get to areas that you might otherwise find difficult to reach. That really stubborn grout that you want to get rid of won’t be problem for you anymore.

Sonic Scrubber can also be your way to eliminate calcium and hard water stains. You can also use it well on fixtures with the help of the soft bristle brush. It works on the contours and the curves to give you their original shine back. With its 3600 scrubs per minute, Sonic Scrubber is one powerful scrubber for your needs.



What do I get?

  • 1 Large Brush
  • 1 Cone Brush

All this for $19.98 Official website



Sonic Scrubber Video

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