Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser Review

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Use a borrowed soap to clean up and it ends up sloppy, slimy and full of germs and when your hands are dirty you don’t wanna touch a thing. Well now there is Soap Magic the motion activated hands free soap dispenser that gives you the perfect amount of soap you need without the mess or germs.


Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser
Just fill Soap Magic with any liquid soap to eliminate the slime and grime and it is germ free every time. Similar products cost more than $50 but Soap Magic is available through this offer for just $19.99 plus 1 FREE.

The secret is the Soap Magic’s built-in motion sensor that detects your hand and activates the pump dispensing the right amount of soap every time. It makes easier for kids to clean up and so they will wash more often. Now you can wash those grimy hands from the workshop without touching a thing. For anyone with arthritis Soap Magic is a welcome relief.

Soap Magic Uses
Soap Magic works with hand soap, dish soap, Shampoo, Moisturizer and Hand Sanitizers.

*Fill Soap Magic with dish cleaning liquid and you can say goodbye to bulky and slippery bottles for good. Its like having an extra hand to help you with the dishes. And it eliminates cross contamination in your kitchen too.
*Tired of applying moisturizer one pump at a time? with Soap Magic you will be done in half the time.
*Tired of shaking the shampoo and body wash out of the bottle? Soap Magic puts it right in the palm of your hand.
*Fill your Soap Magic with the hand sanitizer and turn your home into a germ free zone.
*When its time for baby’s bath its like having an extra set of hands.



What do I get?
2 Soap Magic Motion Activated Soap Dispensers (Buy 1 get 1 Free. just pay separate s/h).

You can get 1 Soap Magic for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. As a special bonus, we will include a 2nd Soap Magic free – just cover the $7.99 shipping and handling. For shipping to Canada, there will be an excess shipping charge of $3.00. Sales tax applies to CA and NJ.



Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser Video


38 thoughts on “Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser Review

  1. What a waste of money! I received it today after ordering it over two months ago. The light comes on, it chimes, but does not dispense any soap! Removed the soap and tried just water, still nothing. Needs to be taken off the market! Oh, and mine said it comes with four triple a batteries, but was not in box…it said I already posted this comment before. That’s a lie, never made a comment on here before.

  2. What a waste of money! I received it today after ordering it over two months ago. The light comes on, it chimes, but does not dispense any soap! Removed the soap and tried just water, still nothing. Needs to be taken off the market! Oh, and mine said it comes with four triple a batteries, but was not in box…

  3. We bought a new soap magic and would not put any soap out. so I took the screws out of the bottom and they left off the belt that turns the pulley on the soap dispenser. I found a rubber band that fit it and now the soap dispenser pumps soap out. I spent 1 1/2 hours on it because I did not know what I was doing. Thanks soap Magic

  4. I have had my soap magic dispenser for a couple of years worked great at first but has now its dead. I can’t really complain after only paying $19.99 at BB&B and being able to put my own soap in it. So bitter sweet, great while it worked, wish it lasted longer.

  5. I really like the Soap Magic. I plan to get another one soon. Mine is in the kitchen and all the household loves it and complains when I forget to add more soap. I think it is really great.

  6. I have the soap magic and the top was accidentally thrown away. Is there any place I can buy another top?

  7. I was in two minds about buying Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser or not. So I thought if I can’t make up my mind, rather than doing some impulsive shopping I will read reviews about it online. That usually is a good indicator of how the product actually is, if it has any pros and cons that are worth knowing etc. So I began my search for reviews of Soap Magic Hands Free Soap Dispenser in good earnest. And I came across several sites that said that they were actual reviews of products. But you can’t be an unbiased review about a product when you have a Buy Now tab on your site, can you? It’s so refreshing to find your site after all that I had to go through.

    • Yes it’s quite disconcerting to realize that it’s become very difficult to find genuine reviews today. There are manufacturers who try to sell their products through such underhand strategies and some of them are successful as well. Search engines haven’t done much to stop them, which is why they have been emboldened too. And unfortunately genuine users are suffering in the process.

  8. My soap magic worked fine for about 1/2 the tank and then quit! I replaced the batteries thinking that was the problem, but no. It just doesn’t work.


    • Rotate a Q-tip in the upper black hole a few times. This make it possible for the sensor to work again. Also look whether the dispensing hole is compromised. After several months of use I add a bit of water to thin out the liquid. Then I add brand new soap once it empty.

  9. NOT HAPPY! BROKEN after only a few months. I received this product as a Christmas gift. Worked good for about a week, then started dispensing way to much soap. Did that for a few months and slowly dispensed less and less everyday. Now doesn’t work at all!! Just sitting their taking up counter space. Would not recommend!! I think I am going to by the Lysol one.

  10. Twice it’s happened that if I fill the container with soap almost to the max line it’s runs constantly, then I have to shut it off. I’ve lost a lot of soap. I’m thinking of trying another product. Any suggestions?

  11. We purchased a Soap Magic Automatic Dispenser roughly one month ago and it worked perfectly until one day when it just stopped working. We checked the batteries and one of the batteries was not making a secure connection, which possibly interfered with the operation. The battery connection appeared to be damaged.

    Please guide us on how this can be replaced. Thank you.

    Leonard M. Ford

  12. Garbage is right. Nothing is consistent in the functions. Three, four, five waves of the hand, and MAYBE a drip. Other times, one wave and a whole glob comes out. Very disappointing. Lysol is pricier in the long run, and not very attractive, but I will use Lysol for convenience of company.

  13. It always takes several times to get the soap to dispense. This if very irritating. It never works on the first attempt.

  14. WHAT A PIECE OF GARBAGE! t is so waste of money. Thinking the first two that I bought I thought was defected and returned them for new ones and they do the same thing. They are just a piece of CRAP!

  15. It takes 3 cycles to get the soap pumped back up to the output port. To me, that’s a design flaw. It should not drain back down when not in use.

  16. Junk. Stopped working after 4 months and will not dispense at all. Very hard to find who actually manufacturers this stuff, so I’d definitely hold the retailers to account.

  17. I purchased a Soap Magic locally at CVS and installed it on the wall in the main bath. It dispensed liquid soap fine, but also dripped soap into the collection tray when not in use.

    I returned it to CVS and exchanged it for another one, which worked for about a month, then quit suddenly. I’ve changed the batteries, cleaned the nozzle, and activated the dispenser repeatedly to no avail. The lights light, the chimes chime, the pump motor hums, but no soap comes out.

    This product has definite advantages over the Lysol dispensers—Lysol refills are expensive and require frequent replacement; prying open an empty and filling it with regular soap works, but it’s not easy; and the dispensers take up space on the counter. But the bottom line for me is that the Soap Magic is unreliable. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    An alternative is the dispenser offered by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (They have samples installed in their restrooms.) But the BB&B dispenser is twice the price of Soap Magic and four times that of the Lysol dispenser. It also doesn’t appear to be designed for wall mounting.

  18. Mine worked for about 7 months. Yesterday it dispensed the bottle of soap….today it won’t turn on at all. Batteries are still I assume it’s the motor. What a piece of junk!

  19. Soap Magic Dispenser worked onetime right, then started working if you even got close to it. 12 hours later won’t work at all. Changed batteries-reset old batteries also. Cleaned dispenser opening and still don’t work. a piece of junk.

  20. I got the Soap Magic as a Christmas gift and well it worked fine till tonight almost 5 days later. My son turned on the lights to the bathroom and well it would dispense automatically and I tested it a few times in different parts of the bathroom and it continued to to the same thing. I really like this product now must take it back to where I received it as a gift. I cant replace it because I don’t trust it. I think they need to look at these issues and address them so they can make a better product.

  21. DO NOT BUY THIS SOAP DISPENSER! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! The soap never wants to come out of mine. We have to stick our hand under it like 10 times before any soap starts coming out. HORRIBLE product!! And I noticed there is no where in the paper work or on their website that gives money back guarantee! GREAT! I know someone who has a Lysol one and it works great!

  22. I bought 3 “as seen on tv” Soap Dispensers and got three for S & H. 4 I gave to my daughters. after 1 month the one started working by itself. Light flashing on and soap running out. I tried changing battery, but still no use. I got the other one and filled up. That has been in use for I month. and same thing. I called about it and was told the motor is no good.and I would have to buy a new one What a complete waste of money. we are seniors and can’t afford to throw money away like that. What happened to the good old days when you got your moneys worth.

  23. Do not buy this product!! First off they use the shipping charges to hide the overall cost. Then the units themselves work horribly. It invariably takes two cycles to get any soap dispensed. I own two and they both act they exactly the same each and every time so it is no anomaly. I recently bought the new Lysol hands free dispenser and after 4 days it is working exactly as advertised.

  24. Product failed to work shortly after receiving it as a gift. Soap barely comes out and most of the time you have to place hand under several times in order to get enough soap. product is more trouble than it’s worth!

  25. I purchased the as seen on tv soap dispenser and for some reason you have to pass your hand under the unit several times to get enough soap to wash your hands. Anyone else have this problem?

  26. I purchased my soap magic two weeks ago and it worked fine. Now it dispenses the soap in small amount all day while I am at work . I have to dump the soap back in it often. What am I during wrong?

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