Smart Mop Reviews and Complaints

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What is Smart Mop

This super absorbent mop picks up dirt, liquid, sand, ketchup and pet hair in seconds. Picks-up 10x of its own weight in liquid. Machine washable and lasts for years. Cuts your cleaning time in half. Guaranteed to work.


Does Smart Mop work?

It does work. No sweeping & no vacuuming. The Smart Mop is the last mop you’ll ever have to buy because it picks up any mess, wet or dry, and works on any surface! Its amazing chamois head can absorb 10X its weight in liquid, so it can suck up even the biggest spills.


What do I get?

  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE – 2 SmartMops (1 Bonus SmartMop just pay seperate S/H)
  • 6 Smart Cloths (Bonus 3 just pay seperate S/H)

Today you can get the Smart Mop for only $19.99 and just $7.99 shipping and handling! And as a special bonus, you’ll get a second, Smart Mop FREE! Just pay $7.99 to cover the shipping and handling. That’s 2 sets of Smart Mops for the price of one. But wait that’s not all! You’ll also receive 6 Smart Cloths, which are made of the same super-absorbent material as the Smart Mop. They’re perfect for soaking up spills on counters and other raised surfaces, so you can stop wasting money on paper towels. You get all this complete with our 30 day money-back guarantee.

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14 thoughts on “Smart Mop Reviews and Complaints

  1. I agree with the customers who stated the ones bought on Amazon are not the original ones. Mine came bent and the quality is not the same. I want the original mop! Please buy from North Wales, PA and not China. So tired of knock offs.

  2. One just can’t depend on websites to have genuine reviews so that you can buy the perfect product. When I turned to reviews on the web to determine how good Smart Mop would be, I found, to my disappointment, that the whole lot of websites the keywords “Smart Mop reviews” brought up provided hardly any useful information. Trust me, you’ll soon grasp that you are simply being pushed to buy the product now without satisfying yourself with a genuine review. It became obvious that I can’t count on the review sites to decide whether Smart Mop is really good.

    • It is an open secret that the product review websites have become the breeding ground of malpractices and lies. Reviews boasting of amazing quality and fantastic performance of products like the one you mentioned abound. Even Search Engines present false reviews as they simply can’t filter them out. What makes things worse is the tendency of the affiliates who own the websites to make easy money by displaying exaggerated product information. They are well-versed with the limitations of Search Engines and cash in on it to further their selfish motives. It does nothing other than ultimately duping the hapless customers and causing them loss.

  3. Have you tried this Smart Mop, is it any good?

    Does it really do what it claims?

    Is it really effective?

    What are the pros and cons of the Smart Mop?

    Is the Smart Mop easy and convenient to use?

    Do you recommend Smart Mop to other customers? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Do you think the Smart Mop ad is misleading?

    Did you get a chance to review your Smart Mop order?

    Is the shipping amount fair enough?

    Are you satisfied with the Customer service?

    How to return the Smart Mop?

    Is Smart Mop available in stores?, which stores carry them?

    Did you receive your order in time?

  4. I have been using the Smart Mop since it was originally launched and it works wonderfully . Almost 20 years now. The head is easy to remove and wash but be careful not to use fabric softener it will destroy it`s ability to absorb. However the newer versions are cheaper and do not last the material is inferior to the original and more costly. They should go back to the original. They would sell more and customers would stand by the product.

  5. I’d love this Smart Mop if it didn’t fall apart every time I went to wring it out. The material it’s made of rinses very well…..comes very clean, picks up and holds lots of liquid…..great fabric but lousy LOUSY design. Does not hold up ….mop head fell apart repeatedly first time I used the mop….I kept wrestling it back together, but it continually came apart….finally the plastic tie holding the fabric just snapped and the hold mop head fell on the floor. I had used it for about 30 minutes. Taking it back to Bed Bath and Beyond in the morning!!

  6. WTF……i read a smart mop review which said that people have been using this for over 10-15 years…..this product was launched a couple of years back….buyers baware of false reviews.

  7. How many washes does the head last….i have read a smart mop review saying it is hard to remove the head….has anyone tried it.

  8. This is the second site I’ve visited for Smart Mop reviews. So far every comment I’ve seen has been about the commercial itself, not about the function. Disappointing.

  9. So what’s so special about this mop? I have seen lot of these infomercials. does smartmop work?….has anyone tried it?

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