Simoniz My Cleaning Secret

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What is Simoniz My Cleaning Secret?

It is a cleaning formula that remove stains, tarnish, rust and lime from virtually every surface in an instant. It comes from the house of Simoniz that has been a household name for over 100 years.


Following in the footsteps of predecessors

Just like its forerunners renowned for keeping American homes sparkling clean and flawless for generations, Simoniz My Cleaning Secret promises to carry on with the same tradition in this age. Simoniz, a trusted brand in existence for over 100 years, has been instrumental in keeping homes, automobiles and even surroundings of most American families spotlessly clean. Simoniz My Cleaning Secret is being introduced as the magic cleaning formula that is a pro at effortlessly removing stubborn stains from virtually every surface and object unlike any other brand in the market.

For a spotlessly sparkling home

Simoniz My Cleaning Secret can be used extensively around the house as it can clean not only marks but also tarnish, smear, rust and more inside your house. It also guarantees to wipe away rust successfully as well as brighten articles like gold clubs, the rims of tires and more effortlessly. The formula claims that it can even make a rusty kitchen item like barbeque sparkle without using bleach.

How to use My Cleaning Secret?
Just dampen, dab and wipe it away.


Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Review

Chef Tony’s My Cleaning Secret lacks very critical information like the ingredients, MSDS and datasheet, the infomercial claims the My Cleaning Secret to be a versatile product but fails to mention the most important info related to the product. May be they don’t want people to know that it is just an average household cleaner and not a “genie cleaner” with no “secret” ingredient. The infomercial sounds too good to be true. They also don’t mention the size of the container on the website. You don’t have an option to buy just one container of My Secret Cleaning, you have to buy 2 containers and the shipping is $9.90, which is high for such a small product. You still have to pay $10 to send it back to the seller if you have to claim the money back guarantee.

Is this cleaner innovative?
Not at all, there are tons of such chlorine-free and foam-free products available online (, and at local stores.

Is it backordered?
Seems so, because there are not many My Cleaning Secrets reviews, this indicate not many people who ordered this product have received it.

What to expect from Simoniz My Cleaning Secrets
Claims to be effective on for brass, copper, porcelain, stainless steel, glass tops, golf clubs, rims, rusty barbecue and more. May be good to clean minor stains and grimes on kitchen tops, glass, refrigerator, kitchen appliances etc. Don’t expect too much from this product it will certainly not work on old and stubborn stains. It is a sort of “lightweight cleaner”.

But it is backed by SIMONIZ?
That is surprising. We searched the SIMONIZ website and did not find this My Cleaning Secret product on their site. Usually branded products don’t do such sloppy marketing techniques.

Should I order it?
We suggest calling the SIMONIZ customer service and asking them about this product, and why it is not available on their site. We also searched for the product elsewhere on the net and confirmed that is the only site selling this product. If the official TV site ( is the only place where this product is available than stay clear of it. Generally “as seen on tv” products do come to local super stores.

Is it a scam?
All these factors mentioned above make us believe it is a “sort of” scam.


A special milestone

The promoters of Simoniz My Cleaning Secret position it as the first ever oven cleaner that will make things really easy in the kitchen. They assert that the solution can be used without having to deal with smelly foams that are normally generated in the process. You are also not required to wear rubber gloves while using the formula as it is safe and devoid of substances like bleach. This feature seems to make it a really practical and safe solution that also causes no scratches or damage to your belongings.

Instant results

Simoniz My Cleaning Secret promises that it works in an instant. You don’t have to spend hours cleaning things with it so those who are hard-pressed for time would find it immensely useful.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Tub of Simoniz My Cleaning Secret by Chef Tony for $9.95 plus $9.9
  • You also receive 2 Double Sided Cleaning Pad
  • Official website:
  • 16 thoughts on “Simoniz My Cleaning Secret

    1. I absolutely LOVE this product!!!!!! My Husband and I use My Cleaning Secret to clean the chrome on our 1963 Dodge Dart Sport Wagon. It takes a little bit of elbow grease but it is well worth every penny!!!!!!

    2. This product doesn’t work any better than any product you would find on the grocers shelf. Save shipping, close your eyes and just grab something off the shelf. Pitiful.

    3. I have been on vacation down south and just opened Chef Tonys My Cleaning Secret. Thinking I would clean the grease that had baked on my turkey pan, I did as the directions said and worked up a sweat but with little results. When I went to returns they start by telling you that you will use 1/2 the cost. I have never been so disappointed. The only thing good in the package was the metal side of the pad. I feel so taken and will not buy on QVC again.

      • Customer service number continually says ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. C SIMONIZ you need to be ashamed for putting your nameon this worthless product.

    4. try Bar Keepers Friend at a fraction of the price… not some “wanna-be” at an inflated price for much less product. Virtually every store you would shop at carries Bar Keepers Friend.

    5. Received today. Got it in less than 1 week via FedEx. Was confused it was a powder. So be careful opening. I agree the commercial makes it look like it is a paste. That said, I used some to clean the sink and it is cleaner than it’s ever been. I anticipate it working well for pans. I think it will be useful for other applications, like cleaning car wheels, etc. Got it for $15 with shipping with supersized tubs.

    6. When are you ignorant people going to figure it out 99.99% of these ads on tv etc are nothing but scams! Big time! Plus most of them are either the same co! Just different name or either they are a subs! Of the co involved! My co has pulled up almost every USA ad and all reviews are the same thing you are complaining about! No telephone number to call! No response when writing! No service or product ever received and the one that do rec! The worthless junk you will never get your money back in full or at all! It’s all a rip off and they are getting filthy rich off people who do not have the sense to stop ordering! The Feds, Trade Commission and BBB etc are sick of hearing from all of you! Their advice is always the same!! Research the product the ad and the co before even calling read the reviews! People wake up and get some sense!! If it’s too good to be true! Then it’s a lie and rip-off! Go to your local retailers and support your own home town!

    7. After reviewing this and the simoniz website, here are my thoughts. I believe the advertiser has taken a Simoniz product, repackaged it and promoted it this way. Indeed, when the shipping and handling is as much as the product and you pay an additional $10 to return it, they’ve made $20 even if you hate the stuff and send it back!


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