Shock It Clean Extreme Review

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Do you end up spending a lot of time in the house cleaning so that your home looks spic and span? You are also concerned about the hygiene conditions in your house for the comfort of your loved ones, which is understandable. But do you have to stack up too many cleaning products to ensure that these jobs are done? What if you were told that you could use one single product to do all these cleaning jobs and save yourself a fortune? Shock It Clean Extreme is that powerful cleaning product, which will be your way of cleaning smartly rather than working hard and long hours on it.


Shock It Clean Extreme
Don’t waste money on dozens of other cleaners and add to the clutter in the house by bringing them home. This powerful, multipurpose cleaner will replace them all effectively and will be your favourite accomplice for your cleaning tasks. One of the major benefits of using this product is the fact that it’s safe enough to be used on any surface in the house. That’s because it doesn’t contain any ammonia, bleach or soap. What’s more, it won’t leave any residue behind after the cleaning job either. Thus you can easily use it on carpets or upholstery for that matter and it will leave its clean impact on them for longer.

This extremely versatile product can be used in your bathrooms, kitchens on floors and your interiors too. You can use it to clean your jewellery items and shoes as well. There is no dearth of cleaning options when it comes to this sensational product for your everyday needs. You have the option of using it in the spray bottle to clean large areas or use it with a sponge to clean fine surfaces. Moreover it works well on carpeted areas too with the help of a carpet machine. It’s strong enough to clean all kinds of stains from those of food to paint, oil and pet stains as well. You can also use it outdoors and ensure that your surroundings are as clean as your homes.



What do I get?
32 OZ bottle of concentrate, 32 OZ Empty Trigger Sprayer, A Multipurpose sponge
You get all this when you buy Shock It Clean Extreme for $29.95 plus P&H of $7.95 at



Shock It Clean Extreme Video
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7 thoughts on “Shock It Clean Extreme Review

  1. I ordered this product from HSN and to be truthful it does not clean any better than other products. I watched what it did on HSN and they must have been using it undiluted. I used it as directed. No different than any other store product and the sponger started falling apart the first time I used it. Disappointed by this product and I have 3 bottles.

  2. I was very disappointed when I tried out the product and that it really did not clean as seen on TV. I believe the so called stains were fake and created just to the product! I’m really disappointed that HSN participates in allowing these con artists to come their network selling worthless products show hosts acting like they’re so amazed. There are thousands of senior citizens on fixed incomes and your network HSN scam
    artists to sell bogus bogus products like Shock it Clean! I did go back and read the customer reviews, my only regret is that should have that before buying. Shame on Professor Amos and the HSN!!! I will never purchase products from your network

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