Shinobi Touchless Cleaning System Review

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Keeping the house tidy and clean requires a lot of effort and it can be quite a task even to maintain it for a while. Since ages every decade has seen products that have helped in cleaning the floor but with less effectiveness. Mops and sweeping pads have taken the market over by a storm but can leave wet mess behind. But without any added option it’s an unavoidable way of cleaning the floor. Plus, often these pads and mops do not work great on all types of flooring. To give a total solution for cleaning the floors in matter of minutes you should check out the new Shinobi Touchless Cleaning System, a revolutionary product that brings together the feature of cleaning and drying the floor both in a single unique design.


Shinobi Touchless Cleaning System

The cleaning system comes with a long handle and the cleaning end is designed to accommodate a dual-sided cleaning pad which is the highlight of the product. The dual-sided cleaning pad provides the user with one wet and one dry surface each for easy cleaning. It doesn’t require immersing in water because one side of the pad consists of advanced cleaning fluid that can be initiated by just pulling the tab that comes along with the system. The other side has a built-in squeegee that leaves the floor dry in a matter of a few seconds. This makes it perfect for any type of flooring including hardwood.

Shinobi Touchless Cleaning System features super absorbent pads that soak up any type of mess ranging from soda spills, sauces and even syrup which can be a headache to clean. Its long 3 piece handle allows the user to run it easily over the mess instead of bending and scrubbing for a sparkling floor. The amazing part is one does not need to touch the pad at all due to its lock and release system. A basic pack comes with the handle with cleaning head attached and floor cleaning pads but for a limited time there are bonus window cartridges added which can help reach and clean any window frame easily.



What do I get?

  • Shinobi 3 piece handle and cleaning head
  • 8 floor cleaning cartridges
  • 4 window cleaning cartridges

All this for just $19.99 + $14.98 Shipping and Processing. Official website



Shinobi Touchless Cleaning System Video

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