Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System Review

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You vacuum clean your home thoroughly all right, but are you sure all the loose dirt, dust and debris is gone forever? You may be shocked, but most of it is left behind as stuck on dirt. What you need to get rid of it is Shark Sonic Duo, a revolutionary new carpet and hard floor cleaner that removes the stuck on dirt easily and in a jiffy. Shark Sonic Duo is actually an entire system in itself that goes beyond a vacuum cleaner and protects your carpets and floors from the undesirable discolorations, staining, dinginess and odors.

How does Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System Work

The Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System is able to clean carpets and area rugs and make them shine and look cleaner and brighter. It can effectively clean surfaces like area rugs, hardwood, stone, vinyl and tile. The secret is the first ever dual solution of the cleaner that is equally effective for cleaning and maintenance of hard floors and carpets. It has a dual scrubbing action that pulls out stuck-on dirt and grime from your hard floors and also leave them with a smooth, streak-free finish. What’s more, your surfaces also smell fresh and great with the stroke of Shark Sonic Duo!

Shark Sonic Duo cleaning is ultra fast as it scrubs your floors and carpets an incredible 1,000 times per minute! It employs the advanced airglide maneuverability, which ensures best results and yet no efforts and hard work on your part while cleaning. It removes the stuck-on dirt with the help of all the components like the cleaning solution and cleaning pads it comes with.

Shark Sonic Duo is powerful and yet gentle on surfaces you clean with it. The stuck-on dirt that settles down in the fibers is removed easily by this smart cleaner. It’s never been easier or faster to get your floors and carpets truly clean of the surface dirt. The tool is especially good for hard floors. Shark Sonic Duo begins its work the moment you set it on. Make sure you don’t delay purchasing Shark Sonic Duo any more and use it every time you need it!



What do I get?
Buy the Sonic Duo Cleaning System for Carpets & Hard Floors for just $199.80. Official website


Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System Video

11 thoughts on “Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System Review

  1. Please post more reviews…I recently purchased a home with lot’s of tile and hardwood. I started with the Swiffer wet jet. Hate the streaks. Is this a good product?

  2. Still on the fence, the carpet is cleaner but I am not seeing an improvement on the tiles grout line. Which is opposite of other Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System reviews most have been positive on floors but not so much for the carpet. I will give it another chance to impress me or back to the store it goes.

  3. I watched the Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System TV Ad on 1/26/2014 approx. 8:00 a.m. for the Shark Sonic Duo, which stated you would rec. the shark machine free pads & cleaner plus 5 yr. warranty free S&H. When I went to order, it came up 1 item for $199.80 plus $29. for S&H. I called customer service, and they said they do not offer free shipping. I explained to them the offer is on my computer, read it to them, told them to go on Shark Sonic, but they would’nt. And said they do not pay for shipping. I saved the ad, will print and send to them. Now the same web site does not exist. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  4. Why are there not a lot of great reviews on this cleaner? And what about the first comment the price went up $50.00? Can someone else confim this product is as great as its advertised for?

  5. I watched the infomercial for the Shark sonic duo while on the treadmill at the fitness center. I came home and ordered it but panicked when the total bill went from $199 to $250. I tried to cancel the order but it was too late.

    Lucky for me as the product came yesterday and I would have missed out on owning a great machine. I spent the morning cleaning the ceramic tile kitchen floor, dingy carpets and even sofa cushions. I was amazed at the result. It was quite easy to change the pads and solution. The machine itself is lightweight and easy to handle. I love it already.

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