Shark Rotator NV500 Review

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Be a part of the advanced generation next by upgrading the appliances you use at home. Acquire the amazing Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac, the most hi-tech vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning your home incredibly easy and effective. Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac , the versatile 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner t comes with highly sophisticated features that make it give it an edge over others and cleaning your home a breeze.

How does Shark Rotator NV500 Work

The Shark Lift-Away Vac has a host of features that enable it to clean your whole house faster and better. It boasts of the ‘never loses suction’ feature, which means it has the power to always pull dirt consistently to clean areas. Never loses suction’ is an advanced cyclonic technology which separates fine dirt from the air so that the filters of the device are not clogged and the suction power remains strong.

The Shark Lift-Away Vac has enhanced swivel steering, which have the flexibility to move effortlessly everywhere, even in hard to reach places such as under the furniture.

The Shark Lift-Away Vac also has anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology which traps captured dust and allergens inside the vacuum without allowing it to escape into the air In addition to these, the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with exclusive features such as ultra-quiet technology, powerful headlights, ergonomic handles and buttons.

Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac Advantages

Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac is a vacuum cleaner par excellence s it has several advantages. It is able to deep clean your carpets in a much better manner as well as places which you can’t reach easily such as under the furniture or corners effortlessly. It is portable and lightweight.

The vacuum cleaner is built with Complete Seal Technology, which ensures that all the dust it pulls stays inside and does not spread. It is powered by three special ways to vacuum in one. It offers the convenience of an upright which moves like magic,, the convenience of a lift-away and the facility of a canister. It also has an extra-large dust cup to store dirt in. It can clean tough corners thanks to its swivel steering that features the most amazing maneuverability.

In addition to all that, it can also be moved from one room to another on its wheels, and also has the optional caddy to go with it.

The sharp Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac, as the name suggests, keeps your home spotlessly clean and protects you from dust and allergens that tend to spread when other vacuum cleaners are used. It delivers the ultimate performance as it:

  • Is portable and lightweight
  • Cleans hard surfaces as well as carpets deeply
  • Costs really less and yet is the best
  • Keeps you healthy as it traps virtually over 99.9% of dirt
  • Has an array of attachments to accomplish any cleaning job
  • Offers you more than HEPA filters
  • Provides powerful hair cleanup
  • Perfect if you own pets so you can clean after them easily
  • Has enhanced cleaning capacity.



What do I get?

  • Shark Rotator NV500 Professional Lift-Away Vac
  • 11-inch Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Premium Turbo Brush

All this for just $199.80 + Shipping. Official website



Shark Rotator NV500 Video

3 thoughts on “Shark Rotator NV500 Review

  1. WoW where do I start, We have had our Shark now for about a week and the amount of dirt that it sucks up is obscene, especially since we thought our hoover self propelled was the bees knees, It honestly has left myself and wife speechless(not a bad trick). We are yet to take it to my Son’s house and go over their carpets as they use a late model Dyson, however we are not expecting anything less than what we have already observed.

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