Shark Rocket Vacuum Review

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What is Shark Rocket Vacuum – Shark Rocket Vacuum is the leanest, most powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that’s as good as any full-sized vacuum.


Shark Rocket Vacuum claims to be an ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner that does not compromise on its performance in spite of being so compact and arguably gives the same cleaning as any other full-sized vacuum cleaner. The problem with almost every vacuum cleaner is that it is bulky and inconvenient and does not clean corners. But Shark Rocket Vacuum has apparently used rocket technology to re-engineer a full-size vacuum cleaner and focused on optimum performance essentials while doing away with unnecessary weight while reaching the most difficult corners to clean.

Lean, lightweight yet Powerful

Even though Shark Rocket Vacuum is extremely lightweight, lean and compact, it promises to be able to out clean any regular full size vacuum cleaner. As the claim goes it is capable for a lot more than just quick clean-ups. Shark Rocket Vacuum believably does a good deep cleaning job and has all the power in spite of being weightless, that is under 8 pounds.

Cleans any surface

The full power ability and the brush roll of Shark Rocket Vacuum is said to allow it to deep clean the thickest of carpets and rugs. Other than that it apparently works great on any kind of floor surface right from wooden, tile, marble and it even cleans bare floors with its suction only feature.

Doesn’t lose suction or power

Shark Rocket Vacuum supposedly has advanced cyclonic technology that keeps fine dirt and air separate and prevents clogging of the filter so the vacuum doesn’t lose its suction over time and you will apparently always have the same power. The vacuum is corded so you do not need to charge it.

Reaches every nook and corner

Shark Rocket Vacuum claims to be so versatile that it can clean everything from the most unreachable angles on the steps right up to the ceiling and everything in between. The supposedly ergonomically designed handheld versatility of Shark Rocket Vacuum makes it a 2-in-1 vacuum and it can believably transform from an upright stick vacuum to hand mode to help with quick pick-ups. But Shark Rocket Vacuum’s design claims to let you clean your kitchen or the floor without having to move the furniture or appliances.

It has specialized attachments

Shark Rocket Vacuum claims to be easily maneuvered with its swivel steering and its different attachments are said to make cleaning swift and effortless. The Dust-Away attachment supposedly uses a reusable microfibre pad to pick up small and big particles that keeps bare floor clean. The Under Appliance Wand can believably reach the most difficult spot and give the toughest of cleaning. The motorized hand tool claims to be good at being used on drapes, curtains and pillows to get rid of allergens and dust mites. It also promises to pick up pet hair and deep-seated dust from upholstery and carpeted stairs very easily.

Shark Rocket Pro

Shark Rocket Pro is an ultra lightweight vacuum cleaner that can clean the toughest dirt from the most difficult of corners

Shark Rocket Pro is apparently an extremely lightweight vacuum that supposedly has advanced cyclonic technology that keeps its suction strong for a very long time.

Cleans the deepest embedded dirt
Shark Rocket Pro promises to deep clean area rugs, upholstery and suck the toughest lodged in dirt out of the thickest of carpets with its powerful suction and a premium power nozzle.

Reaches any corner
With its 30 foot power cord, quick release wand and enhanced swivel steering Shark Rocket Pro promises to clean the most difficult to reach areas in the house.


What do I get?
1 Shark Rocket Vacuum for just $127.84. Official website:

19 thoughts on “Shark Rocket Vacuum Review

  1. I have owned my shark rocket for a little over a year and really like it except for a few things. The cord is very stiff and tangles easily. I never had that problem with any other cord I’ve had. I need to untangle it every time I use it. especially after I need to empty it. I don’t understand why the cord couldn’t have made to detach from the motor I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard for that to be done.
    Please reply, but do not use for advertisments

  2. I just bought the Shark through QVC on their easy pay and I love it. It is a little top heavy but compared with other cleaners I have used this one beats them hands down. I would tell anyone looking for a wonderful cleaner to buy it.

  3. After using a dyson ball vacuum for years, I purchsed the new shark deluxepro rocket vacuum–just got it today and just used it on my carpets today–had to empty the dust cup twice since my new vacuum picked up all that dust!! I thought my carpets were clean but I guess they were not!! I love my new shark and cant wait to use it on my furniture to see how much dust comes out of the furniture–I was truly impressed with the shark! Great product!!

  4. where the cord goes into the canister has shorted out because there is so much weight on it… or the need to wire it better.
    I dont know if it is worth the money because it didn’t last as long as a Dyson. It is light weight and quiet in comparison to Dyson. I have hard wood floors and it does throw dirt some.
    It does not with stand heavy use, I vac everyday because of long haired dogs and the cord connection can’t with stand the cord.

  5. Why does Shark not list a phone number for ordering. It is told very fast on the commercial. I want to order the special on November 21, 2015, but when I order it says I have one piece in that order. Do I not receive all the specials listed?

    Anxiously awaiting your reply so I can order the special. Donna Nash

  6. Wow! I guess I just got lucky. I researched a lot of vacuums and got good ratings for the Dyson, Oreck and Shark. Sampled the Dyson cordless and Oreck and liked the Dyson a lot….except for the price. The only difference I can see is that the Shark has a 30 foot cord. I thought both the Dyson and the Oreck with attachments a bit pricey.
    When my daughter saw I had been researching vacuums when she visited and saw the information on my computer….the next thing I knew was that I got a Shark for Christmas and I fell in love with it….so much so, that I bought another one for upstairs. Neither of them have given me an ounce of trouble. I have a dog and 2 cats who ended up in my yard as babies ( I am allergic to cats so they are isolated to only a couple of rooms downstairs) . My allergies are all but gone since I got the Rocket because it is so powerful….on bare floors as well as carpet and apparently picks up a lot more cat hair than my Oreck. Just for the fun of it, I tried what the TV ad tells users to do. I vacuumed using a clean bag with my normal vacuum (Oreck), then followed it with the Shark that picked up an easy cup more of debris, pet hair and grit. I now joking tell my daughter I’m playing with my entertainment center if I happen to be vacuuming when she calls. So sorry so many of you have had problems.

  7. I wish I had never bought the Rocket I have never disliked a vac as this one. I would give it away but I don’t know of anyone I dislike that much. I am over 55 and it is top heavy for me.

  8. I would never recommend this vacuum to anyone! They compare this to Dyson when there is truly no comparison! I have owned my Dyson for three years now, very seldom get a clog in it and runs just as good as the day I bought it. I have only had this rocket for a month or so and it clogs every single time I use it! It is absolutely ridiculous! I only bought this because I now have a two story home and wanted a second vacuum for upstairs. That is where I keep the rocket. Vacuum maybe once a week and my upstairs has less traffic through it and yet I have to unclog it after vacuuming one to two rooms! I have had Bissell’s that didn’t clog as awful as this! Please save the money and heartbreak for yourselves!

  9. I bought this Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner from the infomercial about six months ago. I really hate it. The roller brush sends things flying out and you have to chase them around and your constantly re-vacuuming the same area over and over because the roller brush literally just moves them.

    I will say it does a good job on the one huge area rug I have in the house.

    It does not have enough power at all to do bare floors and I would not recommend this to anyone.

  10. Phoned in to order the Shark Rocket and have been on phone and live chat about my order over an hour. Had to listen to advertisements on cruises, ninja’s and everything else they sell and still don’t know and will not know until 24 hours after I ordered after pressing 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 1 or 2 or3 or 4. Seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing until 24 hours has passed. I suggest they let you order what you want and then tell you back what you ordered and leave out all the advertisements. If I wanted there other products I would of ordered them separately. I believe they think customers have nothing better to do then listen to their advertisements.

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