Scoopette Review

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What is Scoopette?

It is a smart,handy device that allows you to clean up your pet’s poop hands-free without using conventional pooper scoopers. It’s a collapsible tool that can be fixed on a leash and pockets waste easily without facing the unpleasantness of direct contact with it.


The perfect hygiene companion for dog walkers

If you own a pet dog, you know how uncomfortable cleaning up its poop can get when you take it outside. Traditional pooper scoopers and the typical hand-in-the-bag technique aren’t always effective in cleaning the mess and actually tend to put you off. But now you need not worry as Scoopette, a revolutionary tool to clean up pet poop is here. It claims that it is the perfect device pet owners definitely need as it is essentially about a complete hands-free way to clean the mess that pets make. It promises to provide you with a hygienic cleaning alternative that no other tool ever could, being the first device that helps you clean with no chance of physically touching it. That means you don’t have to endure the experience of contact with dog waste bag as the mechanism of the device eliminates every possibility of that from happening.

Flawless and advanced system

The makers of Scoopette state that this device is basically a collapsible scooper provided with magnetic release. It aims to make the procedure of picking up the waste quick and easy for which you begin by draping it with a sturdy doggie bag to scoop the waste easily with it, twist it and then clip the device to pack the bag right away.You don’t have to tie the plastic bag in which you pick up the waste manually and carry it to the waste bin. Its transport dispenser allows you to carry poop bag rolls conveniently with its molded clip mechanism with sturdy flush closure assisting it in the job further.


Flexible and adaptive

According to the makers of Scoopette, it is an expandable and accommodating tool that helps you pick waste easily as it is able to increase the depth, height and width of human hand while scooping is underway. Scoopette also comes with gaps that separate grass so you can pick out the debris conveniently from any surface or hard to access places. It is lightweight, portable and so compact that it can be fastened to your pet’s leash or your pocket. In addition to that, its dispenser, which is soft and flexible, allows you to carry heavy as well as more number of bags comfortably.

Bid goodbye to unhygienic methods!

Scoopette assures you that it will surely help you get rid of unsanitary and repulsive methods to clean after your pet for good so that walking it is a pleasurable experience. Its magnetic clip and unique lock design don’t let anything go wrong till the waste is in the bin. Scoopette is also provided with accessories like loops, hinges, blades and more that make it streamlined and ensure its grip is always right.

What do I get?

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