Schticky Lint Roller Review

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Are you a cleanliness freak who digs everything immaculately clean and is unable to stand even a speck of dirt around? Have you given up on all the cleaning tools available in the market but are not half as good as you expect them to be? Move over all these and try Schticky, an amazing new cleaning tool that will make cleaning incredibly simple, be it in your surroundings or simply anything that falls on you.


Schticky Lint Roller

The neat and handy Schticky looks like a mop but with a rolling part at the top. When kept on any surface it begins rolling on it smoothly, picking up every single fleck that comes under its trail. Just place it on the table, wall, curtain, car, floor, kitchen sink or anywhere and simply push it ahead holding its handle. The rest will be taken care of by Schticky as all the dirt will gravitate towards it like magnet and make your surroundings really impeccable.

When you’re done with cleaning, you need to take your Schticky and keep it under running tap, and Schticky will become clean in seconds. No need to detach, clean, scrub or slog. With minimal efforts and energy, Schticky will fetch you fantastic results.

Schticky is capable of multitasking as it can work on a number of surfaces such as cloth, wool or velvet most efficiently. It’s an all in one tool because with Schticky, you don’t have to use a broom, a mop or a vacuum cleaner separately. It performs the functions of all of them single handedly. It can easily pick up animal hair on floor, sofa or cloth, little things strewn on the floor, cobwebs and grime sitting on ceiling or walls, litter and much more.

Schticky works not only on dry surfaces but on wet areas as well and can adapt to any condition spontaneously. It can reach the tiniest of corners and really spruce up your home and surroundings in a jiffy. Purchase your Schticky available in different sizes at attractive prices and say goodbye to the drudgery of cleaning and whiling away your valuable time.



What do I get?

  • 1 Medium Schticky Lint Roller
  • 1 Big Schticky Lint Roller
  • 1 Small Schticky Lint Roller

All this for just $19.95 + $17.90 shipping and handling. Official website



Schticky Video


9 thoughts on “Schticky Lint Roller Review

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  2. Ever wondered that if you needed a lint roller, would Schticky be the right one for you? I have, and I needed to see if I could really manage to find one that would make cleaning around the house easier for me. However, when I went over to the internet to search for Schticky reviews, boy was I in for a surprise! I could not find one respectable site that had reliable reviews, or customer statements and ratings on this product. I searched with ‘Schticky reviews’ as a keyword, but all the sites that came in didn’t seem right… like these sites were too easy with praise, and the product looked too perfect. Most of these sites, despite not having a single valid and critical Schitcky review, had a BUY NOW button that seemed to navigate me to another website. I was almost being taken for a ride, with website after website offering to sell me the product but then taking me to another link! Finally, I kind of figured out the mess — these fake, phony websites were manufacturer-promoted websites that looked to hoodwink the gullible, paying customer into making a rash, impulsive buy. I was getting fed up with these fake websites, when I finally to this website. Reviews, ratings and real customer stories, this site seemed really useful and proved to be really helpful in helping me in my decision.

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  3. I ordered my Schticky in February and haven’t received it yet. I keep being told that due to high demand… waiting an extra week, fine, waiting 6 weeks just for it to ship… ridiculous.

  4. I bought the Schticky set a couple weeks ago (I live in canada) and as soon as I used the med sized roller the handle cracked. You have to rinse it after very little use and My big Schticky no longer is sticky. I only used it a few times. Not sure that this is such a good product. They have a warranty but you have to pay almost as much as retail to send it back.

  5. Is there a chance of any material getting damaged by use of Schticky?

    How does one maintain Schticky?

    What sizes is Schticky available in?

    How long does Schticky normally last?

    Can Schticky be really used on wet surfaces regularly?

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