Rydis Robo VacMop Review

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What is Rydis Robo VacMop:

It claims to be the first robotic cleaner that vacuums and mops for your convenience.
Rydis Robo VacMop maintains that now you will have your homes cleaned when you get back from work, so that you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the floors ever again. You know how tedious, time consuming and stressful it is to keep your homes spotless clean. Things are particularly harder for you because you are juggling different tasks in your personal and professional life on a regular basis. Most of us are looking for respite from the cleaning tasks while being assured that our homes will be spotless clean like the way we’d want to. In that case, Rydis Robo VacMop is the right solution for you and will take away all the hassle of cleaning regularly.

Rydis Robo VacMop does dusting, vacuuming and mopping

Rydis Robo VacMop asserts that it’s the next generation, state of the art robotic cleaner that is packed with power. Importantly, it also stresses that it is versatile for your cleaning needs as well. It works by making the most of the microfiber cloth, which works as a dry mop to clean your floors. It can also work as a wet mop to clean those hard floor types. Rydis Robo VacMop be used to vacuum around the house, including those hard to reach areas. What’s interesting is that it can also track its own performance so that it keeps functioning at its optimum.


Rydis Robo VacMop is like having a live-in robot house keeper

Rydis Robo VacMop assures you that your floors will be spotless clean without you having to move your finger. It has an extra large water tank, which ensures that the floors can be mopped by the robot for up to three hours. Thus they will be sparkling clean when it’s done with it. Rydis Robo VacMop also has evenly distributed three trickle hoses. These secrete droplets to keep the mop moistened. But that’s not all; this trickle free moisture system means you will have streak free cleaning every single time.

Rydis Robo VacMop and its many important features

Rydis Robo VacMop stresses that it has a big mop pad, which means that it can cover half the area underneath the cleaner. Another advantage of using this robot vac is that it works on carpets and hard floors equally well. It has a smart vision mapping system, which lets it know about unclean areas too. Rydis Robo VacMop maintains that it is very easy to set up and activate initially. You can use it to clean under beds and furniture. It also leads to easy maintenance and efficient use of energy.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy 1 Moneual Rydis RoboVacMop for $499.70+$29.95 S&H.
  • You also get 4 reusable cleaning cloths.
  • Official website: robovacmop.com
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