Rolli-Hose Review

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Do you have a garden around the house that you wish you could tend to better? Many of us have these noble intentions but they get waylaid because we have to deal with all the hassles that you find along the way. And it’s particularly true of the garden hoses that can be cumbersome, awkward to carry around and a nightmare to store away. But what if you were told that there’s a hose that helps you sidestep all of these problems at once? Yes, Rolli Hose is that revolutionary hose that can make your chores a lot simpler.

How does Rolli-Hose Work

Rolli Hose is an incredible, expanding flat hose that you will have many uses for not only in your garden but when it comes to cleaning you outdoor spaces, windows etc too. But the highlight of this hose is that it is boosted by fire hose technology and as a result of that it is a flat and tangle free solution for you. And you will also be pleased to find that Rolli Hose takes away the hassle of storage as well because it’s known for its space saving storage capabilities.

There are many advantages of using Rolli Hose, which makes perfect sense when you have to make sure your patio furniture is clean. It’s strong and durable, which makes it a long lasting solution for you and it also rewinds up perfectly. Thus you won’t have to struggle with it when you are done using it. Storage is also not a problem with Rolli Hose, which can be put away just about anywhere. You can have it sitting on a hook or have it folded up nicely to fit in your drawer. You can easily find a place for it in your cabinet too.

Watering your plants in the garden has never been easier as there won’t be any tangles with Rolli Hose. And it’s quite simple to use as well, you won’t find it difficult to carry around and it won’t put undue strain on your wrists. Rolli Hose is convenient, effective and easy to store, what more could you ask for?



What do I get?

  • 2 50’ Rolli-Hoses
  • 2 Custom Wind-Up Reels
  • 2 7-Jet Multi-Spray Nozzles
  • 2 Expandable Power Blasters

All this for just $19.99 + $15.98 S/h. Official website



Rolli-Hose Video

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