Pushover Plunge Review

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Does your toilet often get blocked and clogged? Have you tried everything to set it right but nothing worked? Introducing the Pushover Plunge, a powerful plunger that is designed to unblock and unclog any toilet without any effort and in just seconds. The Pushover Plunge works like a bellow and delivers 25 times more pressurized air than a regular plunger in a controlled quantity to a controlled location. Pushover Plunge can be used on any size toilet.

How does Pushover Plunge work?

Simply place it in between the seat and the porcelain toilet bowl and give it a push. With the force of the pressurized air Pushover Plunge safely eliminates any size clog or blocks in your toilet drain without damaging the pipes.

Pushover Plunge is safe and easy to use too. It is compact and folds for easy storage just about anywhere. The best part is that Pushover Plunge does not touch the water making it the cleanest and most hygienic method to clear your toilet drain without a mess.

Order the Pushover Plunge for just $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling and you also get a second Pushover Plunge that you use in your second bathroom, guest house or powder room, just pay separate $4.99 processing.

How to use Pushover Plunge

Pushover Plunge is constructed of sturdy vinyl and flexible steel ringe. To unclog your toilet simply unfold, expand and place the Pushover Plunge under the toilet seat and press it seat.

Pushover Plunge Review

PF WaterWorks the manufacturer of the Pushover Plunge claims that their product works if used correctly, though many users have not been able to get it to use. It is sold by the name “PlungeMAX” on Amazon.com. Pushover Plunge has won the ‘Handy Innovation Award’ and the ‘Handyman Club of America Seal of Approval’.

Most people complain that Pushover Plunge does not work. Though the concept of Pushover Plunge is good, the design is badly executed. According to the user reviews, the air does escape from around the entire edge where the vinyl sticks to the toilet’s rim and it just doesn’t generate enough pressure to plunge the clog. Many customers have complained that the Pushover Plunge forced their flapper in the tank open instead of pushing out the clog. It is cumbersome to use with an Australian toilet. The manufacturer maintains that the product will work if you ensure that the seal between the Pushover Plunge and the toilet seat rim is maintained when the Pushover Plunge is compressed using the seat lid. According to the reviews – it works fairly well on elongated toilets but not on round ones.



What do I get?
You can now order the Pushover Plunge for the amazing low price of only $10 and just $6.99 shipping and handling. You will also receive a second Pushover Plunge that you use in your second bathroom, guest house or powder room. You only pay separate $4.99 processing. Official website www.PushoverPlunger.com | www.Pressaire.com | PFWaterWorks.net



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  1. Help!!!! I have a monster log in the toilet and it’s not going down. It’s overflowing and shits flying everywhere. Is it too late to use the pushover plunge or should I get the vacuum cleaner and suck it up?

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