Prof Amos Shock It Clean Review

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About Prof Amos Shock It Clean

Keeping your house spic and span often means spending long hours doing the cleaning jobs yourself. It also means you end up putting strain on your body, which you can easily do without. Moreover you end up having to buy different cleaning products for different surfaces in the house; from floors to carpets, kitchen and bathrooms for that matter. What if you were told that there was one strong product that will handle all these tasks and save you time as well? Yes, Shock It Clean is that product, which will not only save you cleaning time; it will do the toughest cleaning jobs effectively as well.

Prof Amos Shock It Clean

Who needs dozens of cleaners in the house when this product can do the job for them and then some more? This multipurpose cleaner might just be what you were looking for to handle your household cleaning needs. It’s so strong that it will help you get rid of toughest stains in your kitchen or bathroom; it can be used on the floor or inside of your cars. You can also use this cleaner on your shoes and jewellery as well. Make the most of it by using it on carpet and upholstery to get better results as well. That’s because it’s strong yet gentle at the same time, so can be used on just about any surface, including the delicate ones.

You will also be pleased to note that this product doesn’t contain any ammonia or bleach, neither will it leave any residue behind. You can simply use this product in a spray bottle to clean larger areas or dab it on a sponge and clean smaller surfaces. You can also use it in a carpet machine for big carpeted areas too. It’s extremely versatile for your needs and will do the job of effectively getting rid of pet stains, grease marks, lipstick spots and whole lot of other tasks indoors and outdoors too.


What do I get?
When you buy Shock It Clean you get 32 OZ bottle of concentrate, 32 OZ Empty Trigger Sprayer, Multi Purpose Sponge for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge at


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30 thoughts on “Prof Amos Shock It Clean Review

  1. I used this at a friends house and loved it! I have clear shower doors and I used it in the shower. I sprayed the doors, rinsed them clean and then took my shower. Before I get out, I always use a squeegee so it doesn’t build up soap scum in between cleanings. When I got out, I sprayed Windex on both sides of the shower. It came out as clean as new! I love this product!

  2. HSN and QVC have what I call TV dirt which anything will clean up it must be like a fine ash. Famous Amos shock it won’t clean anything, I have real diet in my house not fake TV dirt. Waste of time waste of money shame on HSN for endorsing this junk!

  3. I just saw this on HSN and it cleaned everything like magic….. HA I had to buy this and I tried the foam, sprayed the carpet and it didn’t do what I saw on HSN. this stuff is a joke..,, wish I had read reviews first.

  4. I don’t know what to say or think about the negative reviews on Shock It Clean. I’m about to run out of the 128oz kit I bought from HSN. My problem is that I realize the deal I got almost a year ago can’t be found anymore. The product is much more expensive now. I really don’t want to spend so much to buy more, but I found it a VERY effective cleanser. I can’t speak for it’s effectiveness on carpets, but for many other surfaces like stove top, floor, shower, sink, walls…everything I sprayed it on & wiped, came clean. I Just find it so weird how this product cleaned so well for some like me, yet disappointed so many others.

  5. Professor Amos shock it , it does not clean
    I am very disappointed My carpet is cleaner than before when I started , this product is leaving a residue , wasted my money and my time writing this review
    As it was advertised “ work smarter than harder “
    Is not true “ I work harder ‘ and still did not get a good result
    Worst product I have ever used….
    Not impressed

  6. How can this company sleep at night this professer amos stuff is a load of rubbish it wont clean anything Ithink the company should be prosecuted for missleading people and should be taken off the market along with the tv company that advertise and sell it

  7. How do you get this to foam! Ive tried everything im starting to think HSN used soap as a prop. If someone can tell me in measurement how to get this to foam that would be great.

  8. I am thankful that I read the reviews, prior to purchasing this product. I have noted all the negative reviews, so I think I’ll avoid throwing my hard, earned money on this product. I’ll listen to my peers, and not to a hyped up rep on HSN.

  9. I bought a bottle of this cleaner at a show Friday Oct 212016 I got rip off only got bottle of cleaner no sprayer it was 20.00 I’m still trying to get this stuff to do what they did at show

  10. Found the drain cleaner no better than any other like item on the market. Will return in hopes of a refund.

  11. Purchased the Shock It Clean-cucumber from HSN. Amazed, I use it on EVERYTHING and I love it. I even used it to shampoo my carpets with (heavy traffic stains were removed and looks new again). Add to washer for my husbands dirty greasy work clothes, great! Counters, toilets, table tops, bathtub/shower… Lasted quite a few months, am ordering the 64oz this time. Have not bought any other cleaner since trying this, and am buying my mom some too this time. Honestly, I’ve no idea how some people are complaining about the results, seems very odd to me. I suppose my one and only complaint would be that I don’t think it smells like anything at all, no cucumber scent, or any scent.

    • Hey Corina. I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils. I like lavender. Makes your house smell amazing.

  12. I can’t believe all the negative reviews I read about this product. I use it all the time and it has cleaned everything I have used it on better than anything else I have ever used. It even cleaned dried up melted chocolate off my light colored sofa instantly

  13. I have purchased a couple of different items from HSN. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the Professor Amos web site. I have called on numerous occasions at different times. NO ONE ANSWERS OR RETURNS MESSAGES. I have sent messages from the question section on the website and again no responses. I even sent an email to his direct email shown on the website and again, no response. I called HSN and spoke with a Sr. Customer Service Rep who has tried to get answers and she too also has had no luck. Since they are probably his biggest client, I would consider discontinuing the relationship, because he and HIS COMPANY don’t appear to care about customers. I will NEVER buy from him or his product on HSN due to this TERRIBLE service. Shame on you. Stop dancing and starting answering your customers. I hope HSN considers dropping him as vendor. This does not make HSN look good.

  14. I just received my shock it clean. Was excited to try on my beige sofa, my kitchen floor and top of stove.Did Not Work. So put 2oz in bottle, cleaned again the same way. NOTHING. So put full strength. NOTHING. So went to dollar store got Green Clean did better job. The people who call in to praise how good it is, are puffers. I for one wish just once that something on HSN were true. And cost to much to send day I will learn

  15. This is a Rip-Off Amos Cleaners. I purchased it 3 years ago and used some and it did not work, water does better. HSN allows this to be sold on their show, they need to be held for it.

  16. I bought into the hype on HSN. But the Shock-it-Clean product is a disappointment. I followed the instructions, The product did not clean any better than plain water. I even doubled the strength to no avail. Even tried it full strength on some oven drippings. Even tried the foam from the sponge like he demos.. Nada..nothing. After a recent airing on HSN…I tried again, figuring I was missing something.

    I will never understand how the home shopping networks, who actually research the products they offer…allow all the claims the professor makes. And where do they get all these people making all these testimonials?!~ I really had hoped this was as good as promoted. But it was a waste of money. I’d send it back, but the postage is not worth it.

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