Power Oxide 7

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What is Power Oxide 7

It is a 7-in-1 glass cleaning system that is a combination of seven essential cleaning agents in one so that you can clean your whole house with just one solution.

Combines 7 cleaners into one

The cleaning solution Power Oxide 7 claims that it will help you say goodbye to all your different chemical cleaning agents and de-clutter the mess in your cabinet under the sink. Power Oxide 7 is said to combine seven cleaning agents like glass cleaners, stain removers, sanitizers, odor eliminator, disinfectants, mold & mildew remover, and anti-allergens into one to make one powerful solution that will let you throw away all the other cleaners and you can supposedly clean your whole house with just one solution.


Works on any surface

All the surfaces that need cleaning in your house can supposedly be cleaned with Power Oxide 7 effectively. For instance, your bathroom breeds mold and mildew and needs to be cleaned with bleach, which has harmful fumes and chemicals. But you can believably eliminate the problem with Power Oxide 7 because it has protein-attacking power that breaks down bacteria, odor and stains right at the root. Not just that, the solution is meant to leave a coating of sanitizer that works till up to 24 hours. Power Oxide 7 is also meant to get rid of dirt, smudges and grime on your glass or even refrigerator without leaving it with streaks unlike other cleaners. It can supposedly also keep your kitchen countertop clean of bacteria and eliminate them within 60 seconds.


Gets rid of obstinate stains and odor

Even if your carpets have suffered deep stains or there are other stains on your upholstery or wine on your dress, Power Oxide 7 promises to eliminate it all by attacking it on the molecular level. If you haven’t found a good enough solution to clean stains and odor left by pets that are impossible to clean, the 7-in-1 solution is supposed to come to rescue. Power Oxide 7 is also said to be effective on allergens like pet dander and dust mites.


What do I get ?

  • You get Two Power Oxide 7 for $19.95+S&H.
  • Official Website: poweroxide7.com

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