Point and Clean Review

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What is Point and Clean

It’s claimed to be the best, easy to use and most advanced home cleaning tool. It basically merges the spraying and scrubbing process into one revolutionary design to take out the hardships involved in cleaning.

Cleaning made easy

Point and Clean guarantees to make cleaning process very easy for everyone and is a tool that is highly efficient as opposed to traditional cleaning methods. Most people waste a lot of time and energy in scrubbing out stain marks and using brushes to clean floorings, sinks, tiles, etc. This back breaking work can now become an easy-to-do chore as proclaimed by the makers of Point and Clean. This possibility is due to the advanced technological design that is thoroughly researched to make it easy to handle and light in weight to make cleanup a snap.


Advanced cleaning tool

Point and Clean is declared to be very easy to use and far more effective at cleaning almost everything by a single hand. The whole body is contoured and designed in a way that one can hold it securely and does not stress the hand. The pads that are to be connected at the bottom of Point and Clean claim to get a good amount of force from the movement exerted by the hand and do not need as much pressure as regular scrubbing and cleaning.

Three easy steps

Point and Clean asserts to be so easy to prepare and all it needs is three simple steps to be followed for a stain free home. Step number one is to choose the right pad that would be required to do the task. The next is to fill it with the desired cleaning solution or simply water. The final step is to point Point and Clean and sprayed upon the stain and moved over it to easily clean the surface.

Salient Features

Point and Clean convinces of its flexibility by providing different pads to clean different types of surfaces. These easy to interchange pads are claimed to make it self-contained to replace brushes, scrubs and sponges in the storage. The delicate microfiber is a great pad that can work very well with glass and mirrors. The tough scrubbing scour pad is perfect for cleaning hard stains on the floor while the absorbent sponge is great for cleaning stains from sinks. These interchangeable pads are great for their specific purpose and can be also be used for exterior furniture, vehicles, etc. Plus they can be removed and cleaned very easily. The most noticeable feature described about Point and Clean is allegedly its capacity to hold liquid which is good enough to clean the entire room with enough left to spare.

What do I get?

You get one Point and Clean tool plus scrubbing brush and 3 additional pads for $10 plus $15 P&H. Official website pointandclean.com

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