Pocket Hose Top Brass Review

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What is Pocket Hose Top Brass?

It is a new and improved expandable garden hose that opens automatically and doesn’t tangle or collapse while watering. It is exceptionally sturdy, yet soft to touch and really easy to use.


Watering your lawn no more a chore!

Pocket Hose Top Brass could be the solution you’ve been hoping for to simplify the process of watering your lawn for which you’ve been using an ordinary, conventional hose. Pocket Hose Top Brass is being introduced as a newer and improved version of a garden hose that comes with extraordinary features and advantages which no other hose can claim to offer. To begin with, it is a pocket hose which is incredibly strong and fully automatic as it opens on its own the moment the tap it’s connected to is turned on. That means you don’t have to struggle with bulky and heavy pipes to first open them, lay them out and then wait for ages for water to gush out. Pocket Hose Top Brass unfolds automatically in a matter of seconds and helps you perform its job instantaneously.

Three times stronger and yet lightweight

The all-new Pocket Hose Top Brass, which its manufacturers have reintroduced as a new edition of the traditional hose, claims that other brands are no just match for it. They assert that only Pocket Hose Top Brass makes it incredibly easy and time-saving to water the entire lawn without making you feel fatigued at the end. According to them, this pocket hose is constructed from exceptionally strong material that’s used to manufacture amber tip connectors, which makes it three times tougher than the other version and ensures the seal’s tight enough to prevent water from leaking. Also, it is made with double layer construction found in a fire hose with a scientifically developed elastomer hose within.The elastomer expands with the pressure when water passes through and the outer lining ensures it won’t rupture.Pocket Hose Top Brass also claims that it is immune to the harmful UV rays and so safer and more durable. And even though it boasts of sturdy features, it is basically soft to touch and lightweight so you can handle it conveniently.


Versatile and reliable

Pocket Hose Top Brass is a resourceful pocket hose that promises to relieve you of all the hassles that actually deter you from stepping into your lawn. You don’t have to slog while watering your lawn anymore nor put in an awful amount of time to water your lawn if you switch over to this hose as it has also been fortified with the new Dura-Rib technology. According to its manufacturers, this technology generates a flexible indoor skeleton inside the hose, which makes it expand and contract, thereby making it flexible inside and tough outside.Also, your Pocket Hose Top Brass won’t collapse even if it ferries a large amount of water, and will actually contact and go back to its original form when water is turned off , thus making things really convenient and quick.

What do I get?

Please see offical website pockethosetopbrass.com


14 thoughts on “Pocket Hose Top Brass Review

  1. This hose blew up on me the next day.
    I don’t recomend anybody buy this hose. Is not a good thing to buy. Waste of money.

  2. can’t believe that this guy, one of my favorite actors, endorsed this POJ. I’m a slow learner. I have purchased 4 of these (2 green, 2 ‘improved’ black with brass fittings). All except one burst within 5-6 uses and the last one made it to about 12 uses. Kept them out of the sun, in a covered tub, and not in extreme hot or cold. Go figure. Then, try to deal with the customer service reps to return and get your “10 year warranty” honored. Ya, right! So, now I am going to try the new HydroHose. They send you a hanger with it. YEA!!!!! $40 for 50′ but if it doesn’t burst, then will get another one or two. It’s only money…….{}: ) HAGD

  3. These hoses are garbage. I bought 2 last year and they both burst within a week. I received replacements which also soon burst. They do not last and are poorly made.

  4. These fucking hoses blow my ball sack, 3 hoses in not even 2 and 1/2 years and they all burst on me, DO NOT BUY ONE, THEY WILL BREAK, Fucking POS!!!

  5. we purchased 2 pocket hoses,both burst with pressure what are we doing wrong I like the hose but is not working for us.can I send them back

  6. We have purchase two pocket hoses, they both burst with pressure. I wont be buying another one. can you tell me what I doing wrong

  7. I ordered the promotion buy one pocket hoses and get the 2nd. and only pay the shipping of 9.97
    When my order came much to my surprise it was 2 of the old green pocket hoses with the plastic fittings. which are a cheaper hose. I tried to return the green hoses but they wanted to charge me a shipping charge. I said no. I wanted the New Black with Brass fitting hoses. Aout 45 min. of going back and forth. the told me that they ran out of the Black hose. Then they told me to keep the green hose and that they would refund my money. I still did not want to keep the green hose and that when the maild me the Black hose that i would mail back the Green hose. But to this date I have not heard from anyone from them.

  8. I have used the original hose and only after a year did they develop a hole and burst. I have bought 5 of the these supposed improved top brass: forget it. All were bought for $29.99 at Home Depot. Two of the hoses burst with the first flush of water through them. The others all lasted less than 2 weeks, all developed holes in them. I like they are light weight but they are just not lasting like they used to be, basicly busting on first use or close to first use. Don’t waste your time on Top Brass pocket hose.

    • Sorry to hear about the problem you had with your hoses. I will never do business with this company ever again. Thank you for talking about the problems you had.

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