Pocket Blower Review

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What is Pocket Blower

It is the world’s smallest and most powerful blower that can make cleaning easy. It is so powerful that it is not only effective in blowing up leaves but can even clear up dirt, debris and stones from the porch and driveway.


Power Packed Blower:

Pocket Blower claims that it is the most powerful solution one would ever need to clean up their porch and driveways easily. Whenever fall is around a lot of leaves find their way on the ground and can take away the beauty of the exterior. As a result many have to begin cleaning the yard or hire a professional to clear it up. Both the solutions have drawback, a self-cleaning can be very exhausting as all the utility vacuums and leaf blowers are large and heavy in size which can really strain the back whereas professionals charge a lot.To make cleaning easyand save a lot of money at the same time Pocket Blower is asserted to be created. It literally is a big wonder in small package as it works as good as any leaf blower that is three times its size.


Clean Everything With Ease:

Pocket Blower promises to make life easy for cleaning up those fallen leaves away with its directive nozzle. This smallest in the world and lightweight blower is sized under a foot in length and weighs lesser than two pounds which is lesser than a bottle of cola. This means one can simply hold it with one hand to get the job done easily. But the claim here by Pocket Blower is not to go by its size as it can deliver a power that is not just tough on leaves but also on debris, dirt and can even blow off small stones off the porch and the driveway. It is also perfect for use in workshops to blow off sawdust away from the workstation and clear it very easily. The nozzle is great at redirecting the force and can further reach to places like under the table easily using the flexible Crevice Extension that comes with Pocket Blower.

Powerful Compact Blower:

Pocket Blowerdeclares that it is the most powerful compact blower because it has a 13,000 RPM motor inside which directly delivers a whooping 80mph stream of air. This capacity of Pocket Blowerhelps it to maintain a steady stream of air which is touted to be a cleaning hurricane force for blowing and is equal to the force generated using a large industrial blower. The most amazing thing though stated about Pocket Blower is the fact that it can be used on flowerbeds too without even hurting a singleflower petal.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive a Pocket Blower for $39.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Official website: pocketblower.com
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