Perfect Pane Waterless Window Gel Review

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Are you tired of cleaning your window panes and other glasses again and again? Even after spending a lot of time cleaning them do you see smudges, finger prints, dust, dirt and streaks on your window glass within no time and need to do the cumbersome chore at least once every month? You must use a bucket of water, a cleaning cloth, sponge or a squeegee and cleaners to get rid of all the stains, insects or smudges but getting all these things for a job that you will need to do soon again can be so painful. Not to mention the streaks that a regular cloth or sponge leaves behind. But now you can get perfectly clean windows and other glass surfaces with Perfect Pane, a cleansing gel that is easy, effective and economical.


Perfect Pane Waterless Window Gel
You can forget about lugging a bucket or water and a cloth and all the hard work that cleaning your window pane entails. All you need to do if you arm yourself with Perfect Pane is just dab a little gel on the glass surface and wipe it off gently. It is like a sleight of hand that will give you crystal clear and clean windows. The secret of Perfect Pane lies in the protective polymer coating that it contains, which doesn’t allow the grime and dirt to cling on to the glass. With Perfect Pane you do not even need to clean the window with it every month because it lasts up to a whole 12 months after cleaning the glass surfaces.

Not just your window panes, you can use it on your mirrors in the bathroom or shower glass to prevent misting and streaks you leave behind after taking a shower or a bath. Perfect Pane can also be used to clean glass table tops. The cleaning system is absolutely safe to use around your children and even pets as it does not contain harmful chemicals. What’s more, it is also non-abrasive and unlike using a cloth or a sponge it gives you a spotless finish. Perfect Pane costs much lesser than your cleaning agents and comes along with a microfiber polishing cloth to wipe the glass and prevent abrasion while doing it. If you order now you get another Perfect Pane gel and microfiber polishing cloth each for free.



What do I get?

  • 2 Perfect Pane Waterless Window Gels
  • 2 Microfiber Polishing Cloths

All this for just $10.00 plus $15.90 processing and handling. Official website

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-783-8242



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