Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum

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Vacuuming your house to keep it clean and tidy is not easy and it’s never really pretty. You have to make do with those staid vacuum cleaners that don’t really do the trick. But now Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum claims to offer you an opportunity to vacuum in style. It has four interchangeable, colourful bag covers that add a dash of style to the job. It’s a swivel vacuum that has several features that make it easy to use as well.

How does Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum Work

Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum can be used in every room of the house with ease and it will do the job with precision, according to the claims that are being made. The Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum is said to have a 360 degree glide that is supposed to make cleaning easier and a powerful pile lifting roller brush for your convenience. You can also use the two speed settings to work on carpets, fine rugs and bare floors too. The direct suction engineering of Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum gives it the cleaning power that you could only imagine. And what’s more, it’s also lightweight so that there’s no added strain on your wrists.

Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum has several other exciting features that hold a lot of promise for you.

Direct Suction
It’s one of the highlights and coupled with the roller brush that rotates at 5600 revolutions per minute, it ensures that the dirt is directly lifted into the bag. The nap is also groomed by the brush while you are cleaning.

The design is furniture friendly
The top and sides are soft, twin LED lights that are quite bright and a power cord that is 35 feet long make it easy to get through a lot of area with ease. You can also manoeuvre around tight spots without damaging the furniture. Side brushes means you can clean baseboards with ease.

Fast and easy
The Saniseal system used here ensures that the dirt is automatically locked and sealed in the disposable filter bag. You can then change the bags whenever you want without any hassle.

HEPA Inner Bag works well
The odour fighting HEPA Inner Bag of Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum is quite handy as well. The bag can capture 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micro from the air, which is why pollen, house dust, smoke, mould spores and animal dander are caught.

Easy to use
Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum has the helping hand handle, which has got an ease of use commendation from Arthritis Foundation.

Lifetime Warranty
You can be rest assured about the quality of Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum because it comes with a lifetime warranty. Any part (besides edge brushes, brushrolls, and disposable inner bags) that are found defective in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge to the original purchaser. You need to remember that this warranty is applicable to normal domestic use. Commercial use and edge brushes, brushrolls or disposable inner bags are excluded from the warranty.




What do I get?

  • 1 Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Price – $599.99. Official Website oreck.com




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