O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

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There are many home owners who have come to rely on their canned air systems to do cleaning jobs in their house with precision. It is true when you want to clean computer keyboards or knick knacks in the house, you might want to use it to clean air vents or other hard to get to areas in the house. But as many realize the negative impact this air can have on our surroundings an increasing number of people are looking for a better alternative. And now you have found one in the form of O2 Hurricane Canless Air System.

How does O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Work

This revolutionary system literally blows the canned air away because it has myriad benefits over the latter. In fact O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is like a revolution of sorts over the traditional canned air and what’s more, it quite simply is an innovative idea that has given you an affordable solution. O2 Hurricane Canless Air System means you have a permanent solution to your needs and it’s quite reasonably priced as well. And what’s more it ticks the right boxes for those who care about their environment because it’s an eco friendly option.

One of the benefits of O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is that is more powerful than the regular canned systems. Unlike the canned air systems this one doesn’t contain any chemicals, which is a huge advantage and there are no green house gases emitted either, which makes it ideal for the environmentally conscious. There are many who are worried about using canned air because of the inhale abuse that’s caused by them. But when you use O2 Hurricane Canless Air System there’s no such worry and you will only be inhaling fresh air.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System also works well because it doesn’t lead to frost bite or freeze up for that matter. It can be used continuously for about 18 minutes and you can also use O2 Hurricane Canless Air System in practically any angle making things easier for you. And there are no flash fires making it the safest solution for you.



What do I get?

Original 02 Hurricane 160 + M.P.H for just $99.95

– Blows a great blast of air at over 160 mph and runs for over 15 minutes straight.
– Is equal to 25 cans of air per charge.
– Great for people who only use canned air occasionally.
– Ideal for computers , keyboards, cars dashboards, plants, vents, venetlan blinds, blowing off small patlo areas, starting wood fires, cleaning furnace filters, dusting off knick-knacks, blowing off book shelves, cleaning workshops, tools and so much more.

Industrial unit 200+M.P.H for just $109.95

-Produces an incredible blast of air at over 200 MPH and runs for over 12 minutes straight.
-Is equal to more than 20 cans of air per charge and can be charged up to 500 times.
-Designed for corporate and it department use.
-Ideal for light to extremely heavy cleaning applications.
-Great for cleaning large computers, server rooms, camera lenses and mirrors, high end medical equipment, displays in retail stores, IT departments, complex circuit boards, and so much more.

ESD SAFE M.S.R.P: for just now: $149.95

The ESD-safe unit can be used anywhere that electrostatic discharge is concern. The materials used in the new Canless Air System O2 Hurricane ESD-safe units have been tasted and proven to measure in the static dissipative range, around 10E+9ohms, and are acceptable for use around ESD sensitive hardware.

The new units have the same power as Canless Air industrial unit and are rechargeable up to 500 times. This means that not only are they ESD-safe,but they produce no hazardous waste. This product fills a crucial need , as one of the dangers of using a conventional duster in a clean room is that the static it produces can cause damage to solid state electronic components and integrated circuits.



O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Video

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