Nori iSteam Reviews and Complaints

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The new generation in the household appliances Nori iSteam is the unique all in one system with variable steam control so now you can use it as a garment steamer, flat iron and clean sanitize and disinfect your floors, carpets, ovens, fridge, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, clean faucets and more without any chemicals.


Nori iSteam
Nori iSteam’s uses intelligent steaming system that can be used as a garment steamer, a flat iron with continuous dry steam cutting your ironing time in half, a steam mop with its unique patented floor adapter and an all-in-one cleaning appliance. The unique steam and moisturizer controller gives you powerful, continuous pressurized steam making all your household chores quicker and easier.

Nori iSteam Garment Steamer and Flat Steam Iron

Cut your ironing time in half and save money on dry cleaning bills, remove wrinkle from all fabrics without burning them, refresh your clothes and remove unpleasant odor without spending a fortune on the dry cleaner.

Nori iSteam Steam Mop/Cleaner

Nori iSteam converts into a powerful germ destroying steam mop to clean and disinfect your floor. The iSteam standard attachments melts away grease and grime from the kitchen to the car with just a push of a button.

Don’t pay one hundred dollars on bulky vacuum cleaners, or a regular mop. Nori iSteam’s patented floor adapter gives you a full powered steam mop that will clean any type of floor and pickup spills and scuff marks all the the push of a button and only the Nori iSteam has 9 variable steam settings (power level adjustments) to tackle any job around your house for professional quality at affordable cost. It is small and compact and yet it is the most powerful dry steam appliance in the market with the thrust of steam upto 212 degree F that will last up to 40 minutes on one tank of water. It will clean, cleanse, refresh, santize, disinfect and deodorize any surface in a matter of seconds in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Nori iSteam FAQs

Is Nori iSteam suitable for iron folds or pleats on clothes?
The Nori iSteam comes with a metal sole plate to iron clothes and press pleats and folds.

Is the length of the pole adjustable?
There are can be as many sections added or removed with the pole sections stored on board.

How long can Nori iSteam work before it needs refilling?
It can be used for about 30-40 minutes before refilling.

Should one add detergent to water in the reservoir?
It does not require detergents and adding it can damage the appliance.

What type of water is preferred?
Tap water is good but distilled water can help increase its life.

How frequently should the filter cartridge be changed?
Nori iSteam notifies you when you require a change of cartridge with “E” flashing on the LCD.

Are the scrubbing brushes different?
Yes, one is natural bristle. One is wire and one is nylon, which should be used on selected surfaces only.

Can Nori iSteam be used to steam carpets?
Nori iSteam has carpet steaming attachment to steam, refresh and disinfect carpets.

Does it include the fabric pads along with other accessories in one unit?
Nori iSteam comes with 2 fabric mop pads, patented adaptor, mop attachment, precision nozzle, brushes and window squeegee in one single unit.

What should be done when mineral/calcium gets deposited in the system?
The “self-clean” function can be used to clean minerals in 3 minutes.

How many steam strength settings are available?
It has 9 different steam strengths and moisture volumes.

How much time does it take to start steaming?
It starts steaming in just about 30 seconds.

Can the unit be moved around easily?
Yes, it can be easily moved around using the shoulder strap attached.

Is Nori iSteam multipurpose?
It is a complete steaming solution with garment, ironing, steam cleaning, steam mop and carpet steaming functions.



What do I get?
*Nori iSteam with all the standard attachments to be used as a Fabric Steamer, Flat Iron and Steam Mop.

Buy Nori iSteam from the official website/distributor only and enjoy the benefits of warranty, guarantee, possible upgrades, returns, accessories and more.

Please Visit The Official Website



Nori iSteam Video


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  1. Dear Sirs:

    I would like to know where can I buy the filter cartridges for may Nori iSteam in California USA . I would like to know if there is a dealer to obtain them.

    Because in Mexico City, I have called Suave y Facil S.A. de C.V., and they told me they don’t have any filter cartridges to sell.
    I’m very happy with my Nori iSteam because it has been very useful for me.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Cris Lopez

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