Neato Bot Vac Review

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What is Neato Bot Vac?

It is the most advanced automated robot vacuum cleaner that cleans any type of floor by picking up dirt, dust and debris. Also it has been reviewed by leading reviewers like CNET as the best robot cleaner that picks up pet hair easily.


Automated vacuum cleaner:

Neato Bot Vac promises to be the most efficient and advanced vacuum cleaner that is available today that takes away the chore from cleaning. The years of toiling to clean the mess from floors, tiles and carpets are diminished with the invention of vacuum cleaners but handling them was always a chore. There was always a joke that in future all the things will be automated and performed by robots. Neato Bot Vac apparently is that joke in reality as it sets trends by automating the cleaning system without the need of monitoring or handling it. What makes Neato Bot Vac supposedly stand out from its competitors is the fact that it uses the most advanced technology and cleans the house from all the places without leaving a trace of dirt or dust.

Revolutionary Design:

Neato Bot Vac claims that it is the best robot vacuum cleaner due to two major things – its features and the groundbreaking design. Most circular shaped cleaning robots are effective in cleaning the floor but when it comes to clearing the corners of dirt and dust the shape puts it in a backseat. This drawback is said to be corrected with the unique design of Neato Bot Vac. Its shape is derived keeping in mind how most houses are and thus it has the capability to reach out everywhere for cleaning the floor. Plus the size is kept compact so it does its job effectively without even taking a lot of space.


Unique features:

Neato Bot Vac is said to be full of rich features and the highlight amongst them is its patented laser-guided technology. Ordinary robots go around zone by zone and keep bumping in different obstacles to take the course for cleaning. But its laser-guided technology is supposedly so smartly designed that it literally scans the room it is placed in to clean and maps the room. Once it has the ground plan of the room it methodically plans and starts cleaning the room without bumping around. The technology also extends to the fact that it does not fall off the stairs and can even take Neato Bot Vac underneath bed and furniture to clean the so called out of reach areas of the room.

Another key feature of Neato Bot Vac is said to be its effectiveness in cleaning dirt, crumbs, dust bunnies, etc. from any type of flooring be it hardwood, tiles, flooring or carpets. This feature is available thanks to the type of brush that is used in its assembly. The combo brush and the series blade brush are great in cleaning off all dust particles and are great in trapping harmful allergens within the extra-large filters. The combo brush serves great for picking up pet hair without making much noise and is idea for most types of floorings. The Blade brush offers cleaning across all floors too but gives a great vacuumed feeling when used for rooms that are carpeted.

Additionally, the Precise edge cleaning side brushes are available, which are said to work along with the main brush assembly to ensure no dust has escaped its path. Neato Bot Vac claims that despite its compactness it has a 50% larger brush size that gets closer to the walls and cleans the corners too. Plus it features bigger dirt bin to go along with the brush size and is easier to empty too. Cleaning the house can be scheduled for every day or by activating it by simply pushing a button.

Another smart feature that comes along with Neato Bot Vac is apparently its charging base setup. The robot automatically understands that it is running low on power and when during the process of cleaning takes a break to come back automatically to recharge. Once it recharges fully it resumes the cleaning process right from where it had left it. If someone wants to even restrict where Neato Bot Vac will move inside the house it supposedly comes with boundary markers. These boundary markers are quite easy to use and can be simply placed along the area where Neato Bot Vac shouldn’t go. It can be near pet bowls, cords or toys. It just needs to be dropped so that the robot is kept in check and disallowed in the area.

What do I get ?

  • Suggested retail prices ranging from $479 to $599.

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