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What is My Lil Duster?

It is a compact cordless handheld vacuum with multi-flex tubes that clear dust and debris from the tightest of corners effortlessly.


My Lil Duster

My Lil Duster CLAIMS

Revolutionizing Cleaning Process РThe makers of My Lil Duster proclaim that it is the most perfect handheld vacuum that simplifies vacuuming your home quickly and easily. It has an exceptionally powerful suction motor which, despite the machine being lightweight and compact, can clean everything flawlessly simply by running its multi-flex tubes over the surface. There’s apparently no need to remove small items like jewellery or coins from the boxes to be cleaned as you just need to run My Lil Duster inside, which sucks all the dirt inside without having to remove and replace things.

Can be Used Anywhere for Equally Great Results – My Lil Duster is presented as a versatile vacuum cleaner that can be used virtually anywhere – be it the car, insides of drawers, containers and tiny boxes, windows, keyboard, kitchen area and more. Its slim tubes can enter even compact vents and clean hard to reach places. My Lil Duster can be taken anywhere conveniently since My Lil Duster is cordless and lightweight. Further, it features an easy twist and empty mess-free 2-step disposable system for cleaning.


What do I get?
2 My Lil Dusters for $19.95 + Free S/h at

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