Multi Cleaner REVIEW

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What is Multi Cleaner?

It is an innovative 3-in-1 cleaning tool that performs cleaning functions like sweeping, mopping and spraying easily by switching between the functions smoothly.


Amazing 3-in-1 Cleaner

True to its name, Multi Cleaner, according to its makers, is a extraordinary cleaning equipment that sweeps, mops and sprays floors and surfaces to be cleaned singlehandedly and does away with the need to perform all these cleaning tasks separately. Its power bristle brush cleans dust and debris flawlessly in a quick stroke while its mop with its snap on microfiber pad wipes fluids and absorbs liquids flawlessly, The spray function of Multi Cleaner involves pulling the handle trigger to spray cleaner extensively for complete cleaning and rinsing.


Easy to Use and Manage

The secret to the efficiency of Multi Cleaner is the revolutionary Quick Switch Cleaning Head which executes all these functions in quick succession as and when any of the same are needed. It is lightweight, easy to handle and lets you use any kind of cleaner spray, which aims to expedite the process of cleaning very well. Further, Multi Cleaner can be used on any hard floor surface and even washed in the machine for added comfort and convenience.

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