Mighty Thirsty Block Review

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When it comes to spills, sponges never thrill. They drip, they smell and just move the mess around. Introducing the Mighty Thirsty – The super absorbent vacuum block that drinks up over 8 times its own weight in liquid. Sponges just don’t absorb but nothing absorbs like Mighty Thirsty. All around the house Mighty Thirsty never stops drinking.


Mighty Thirsty Block
Mighty Thirsty is made of liquid loving PVA material that sucks up water like a thirsty camel and not a drop of liquid spills. Sticky juice, orange juice, milk or coffee, Mighty Thirsty drinks it all up and is still thirsty for more. Mighty Thirsty also works as a glass cleaner. It even removes finger prints without using chemicals and leave your glass crystal clear. Just rinse it clean and use it over and over again.



What do I get?

  • 4 Mini Mighty Thirsty Blocks – For house-hold spills.
  • 4 Mini Mighty Thirsty Blocks – To attack spills in car or office.
  • 2 Jumbo Mighty Thirsty – For major disaster spills

Please Visit The Official Website www.MightyThirsty.com



Mighty Thirsty Block Video


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