Mighty Gard

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What is Mighty Gard

It is a spray that works as an invisible waterproof and stain-proof barrier on any surface by using the innovative hydrophobic nanotechnology to make liquid roll right off.

A spray to repel stains

Mighty Gard is supposedly a liquid repellent spray that promises to keep stains off your clothes, shoes, upholstery, furniture or anything else by creating a stain-proof barrier on the surface to make liquids to roll right off. Whether your kid drops chocolate syrup or jumps in a puddle of mud, Mighty Gard claims that it will keep his white shoes looking clean as new all the time. Mighty Gard can also believably get rid of annoyances like gloves getting wet and cold while working by rolling the water right off.


Scientific formula

All you need to do to keep stains off the items is just spray Mighty Gard on the surface you want to protect. The secret of the spray is supposedly the revolutionary science of hydrophobic nanotechnology that makes the liquid roll off and thus keeps the stains away. Mighty Gard is said to be more effective than other solutions and does not cause corrosion that traditional methods like salts or chemicals. The formula is so potent that it can even make walkways and patios safer by preventing formation of ice on the surface if treated with the liquid.

Effective on any surface

If you want to save your car’s seats, carpet or dashboard from liquid spillages, you can supposedly treat the surface with Mighty Gard and just wipe the mess away with a paper napkin. It claims to work on almost everything from clothes to tubs and showers that won’t need hard scrubbing to get rid of soap scum, car tires and leather that will stay looking new. A table linen treated with Mighty Gard is meant to be protected from wine stains and it is said to be so effective that it won’t cause discoloration to even paper napkin. It claims to work well on silk, fabric, purses and more to save your time and energy from scrubbing them clean.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two can Mighty Gard for $14.99 + $13.9 P&H.
  • Official website: mightygard.com
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