Micro Sweep Sweeper

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What is Micro Sweep Sweeper?

It is a lightweight 2 in 1 dry mop sweeper with exceptional dust trapping micro fiber technology to lend a flawlessly clean look to hard floors.


For lustrous, sparkling floors!

Micro Sweep Sweeper is a new dry mop sweeper that promises to simplify the way you clean your hard floors with its superior dust trapping micro fiber technology. It is being promoted as a versatile tool that is designed to make hard floors look flawlessly clean and shiny. According to the creators of this dry mop sweeper, what makes it unique is the dual purpose it simultaneously serves- systematically cleaning tiny particles along with bigger pieces of litter on the surface. It is a cordless tool that comes with a built in 360 degree swivel head which guarantees all the flexibility and convenience you desire while cleaning your spaces without causing any inconvenience.

Two-in-one edge

One of the highlights of Micro Sweep Sweeper is that it works at two levels, which helps it clean the floors in an exceptionally systematic manner. It has changeable micro fiber pads at the tip, which pick up the smallest particles while the sweeper targets big pieces to make your task easy. The micro fiber pads provided are ultra absorbent and the sweeper is remarkably powerful so all the debris is captured firmly by both, which make the surfaces spotlessly clean. It also features spinning bristles.


360 degrees access in every corner

Micro Sweep Sweeper comes with a 360 degree swivel head, which, according to its makers, is able to enter the even most inaccessible areas such as skirting boards, tile grout lines and dividing floor boards to clean every inch. Since you have the option of using it as a dry mop as well as a sweeper, making your home look exceptionally clean is now much easier.

Lightweight, compact and convenient

If you’re thinking that Micro Sweep Sweeper is a big and bulky appliance you will find it difficult to use, you can rest easy. This cleaner is actually light and compact, which makes it easy for you to use it in different parts of your home by carrying it around yourself. It also comes with a dirt tray which you don’t have to touch while picking up the dirt or empty it, which can be done with utmost ease. Also, Micro Sweep Sweeper is easily foldable so you pull it out anytime you want and also store it conveniently.

Cleans a variety of surfaces

Micro Sweep Sweeper is specially designed to clean for surfaces like wood, tile, linoleum and marble. The Micro Sweeper glides along with soft micro Fiber pads and spinning bristles, trapping everything in one single pass.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive MicroSweep Main Unit & MicroSweep Pad x 1 for £39.99
  • Official website: tristarproducts.co.uk
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