Micro Sweep Mop

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What is Micro Sweep?

It is a 2-in-1 cordless innovative mop that has the ability to sweep the floor and keep any type of hard flooring barefoot clean.

2-in-1 Floor cleaner:

Micro Sweep promises that it is a groundbreaking solution to the problem of keeping hard floors sparkling clean. Hard floors are difficult to clean and as a result you may actually sweep and dust over and over to get a clean floor. Micro Sweep supposedly understands the need of a brush to collect large pieces of dirt and debris and a mop to clean off smaller dust particles, and merges both these requirements into one. This 2-in-1 feature of Micro Sweep, which is said to be great in picking up dirt of any size is due to its state of the art dynamic design.


Breakthrough design:

Micro Sweep apparently is housed with 2 major features that perform the work required from it with optimum satisfaction. There is a powered sweeper ahead that has unique spinning bristles that are capable of picking and trapping up any amount of dirt, debris and even pet hair. The other feature of Micro Sweep is said to be the microfiber pad aligned behind the sweeper to grab hold of dirt and dust while cleaning the floor. This supposedly means that it has the ability to dust and sweep in one go and doesn’t need additional cleaning for the floor. The custom design of Micro Sweep is said to be great to use on tiles, linoleum, hard wood floors, etc.


Easy to use and maintain:

Micro Sweep apparently has a design that swivels around 360 degrees to ensure it can reach around furniture without moving them and with edge cleaning technology pick up dirt along the baseboards too. Micro Sweep claims that the microfiber are machine washable and hosts an easy to empty dirt tray for maintenance. Storing it is also easy as it apparently folds up for saving space.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Micro Sweep Mop for $39.99
  • Official Website : No Information Yet

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