Merlin Duo Vacuum

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What is Merlin Duo Vacuum

It is a powerful vacuum that claims to go from lightweight upright to handheld with ease giving you effective cleaning options.
Merlin Duo Vacuum promises to be the super lightweight 2 in 1 cleaning option for you so that you can ensure that your surroundings are kept spotlessly clean. You take a lot of pride in keeping your homes spic and span but that can be a hassle without a proper vacuum system. Merlin Duo Vacuum maintains that it can be that powerful, smart and versatile cleaning solution for you.

Merlin Duo Vacuum is a two in one solution for you

One of the major highlights of Merlin Duo Vacuum is that it can work as a lightweight upright vacuum. And it does the job effectively with 1000 watts of power, according to its claims. But what’s more is that it can be easily transformed into a handheld vacuum with a simple switch of a button. The handheld option is quite convenient at the same time it’s powerful for your cleaning needs too. Merlin Duo Vacuum claims to have interchangeable HEPA filter too, which means dust will just not escape it.


Merlin Duo Vacuum works on all kinds of surfaces

Some of the other main features of Merlin Duo Vacuum include a Dual Filtration system, which ensures that the dirt is collected in the dust cup. The second filter involved makes sure that air is purified to the optimum level, which is why there is no loss in suction. Merlin Duo Vacuum is versatile enough for all your cleaning needs and can be used on your hardwood floors and tiles. It can be used to clean upholstery in the house or carpets. You can also take it to clean your cars or in nooks and crevices around the house.

What do I get?

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