Maxpin Spin Mop

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What is Maxpin Spin Mop?

It is a hands-free spin mop with advanced features that helps you clean floor in every corner along with walls and ceiling in minimal time.

Cleans home all over

Maxpin Spin Mop is being introduced as an ultra-efficient spin mop that guarantees to help you flawlessly clean not just the floors in your house but also the smallest of nooks, walls and ceilings. The creators of the spin mop state that with this 360 degrees you can now be sure that every single corner of your home will be spotlessly clean in minimal time. While most cleaning tools just clean open spaces but fail to penetrate between furniture or reach under them, Maxpin Spin Mop ably accesses every spot on floor as well as spaces at higher level.


Cleaning no more a chore

The makers of Maxpin Spin Mop promote it as a simple yet highly efficient cleaning tool that works without electricity. It is built with hands-free mop ringing technology so that it functions competently, quickly and conveniently. You can expect it to deliver all the comfort and ease you seek while cleaning home as you won’t have to bend your back anymore while mopping your floor. It is made to work when given a couple of dunks in the bucket, placed in the basket after which the handle is pushed down for proper straining. Its special head stirs up suction that absorbs debris off the floor and into the mop to clean every place it navigates.

Incredibly versatile and flexible

Maxpin Spin Mop comes with an alloy mop handle, which is exceptionally light and flexible. It can be kept flat so that it reaches and cleans every part flawlessly. It has no foot pedal which can break or cause damage, so you can count on it to provide uninterrupted results. Its mop head is machine washable and re-useable. It also features dual washing and drying system which gives it an edge over others.

No more dirty hands

When you clean your home with Maxpin Spin Mop, you don’t have to put your hands in the dirty water to wrench the mop head clean. It cleans your home without getting you to dirty your hands and also cleans itself easily without really making you put in efforts for that. Its heavy stainless steel mop handle is extendable and can be contracted for easy and convenient storage.

Economical, effective and safe

Maxpin Spin Mop is machine washable so cleaning it is easier once you are able to use it. It is also an eco-friendly mop that is easy to use and maintain. It also cleans surfaces only with water as well as with cleaners you use that are safe for everyone.

What do I get?

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