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Vacuum cleaners do their jobs quite decently but due to their bulky nature it is very difficult to lug and haul them around the house. This is where Magna Clean can believably help get rid of dust in no time. Regular sweeping and brushing results in the dirt and dust getting away from the cleaning head surface. This results in most of the dust getting scattered away instead of getting cleaned leaving behind a little mess even after all the efforts. But Magna Clean claims to do exactly opposite of these ordinary brushes to clean the house in a masterstroke.

How does Magna Clean Work

As the name suggests Magna Clean is said to be highly magnetic in nature making all the dust and dirt attract to its surface in no time. This is possible with its innovative design that takes help of electro-magnetic energy which acts like a magnet in the desired situation. The set that makes up the entirety of Magna Clean comprises of Magna Duster, Magna Wipe and Magna Sweeper. All three of them are supposedly the best in their jobs where Magna Duster provides the most efficient cleaning around the house wherever required, even in situations that require highest amount of flexibility.

Magna Clean’s amazing power of cleaning continues with its Magna Sweeper that is said to be largely effective in cleaning off the floor in one sweep without leaving any residue dirt unlike other sweepers. The dirt literally sticks to the sweeper which makes it even easier to dust off and bag it when desired. Magna Clean lastly sports Magna Wipe which claims to be a 2 in one handy cleaner. It can be used as a wipe for smaller handheld purposes to attract dirt and dust and when needed Magna Clean’s wipe can be reversed to scrub grime out.




What do I get?

  • Magna Sweeper
  • Magna Wipe
  • Magna Duster
  • Telescoping pole

Price – $14.99+$13.98 S&H Total Amount $ 28.97. Official Website



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