Magix Hose Review

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Water hoses are the most important equipments that go along with a garden and are also used nationwide for gardening, cleaning exteriors, washing vehicles, and many other purposes. A hose is helpful but at the same time because of its heaviness and tangling nature kills the beauty of a garden. Lugging a water hose around the garden to water the plants and flowers or using it to wash a car proves to be a burdensome task for most people due to its 8 to 10 pound weight.

How does Magix Hose work

Magix Hose is an amazing product which is designed to change the way people use a garden hose. It has many features that can make an ordinary hose obsolete from every other house. It sports a very compact size for storage which is achievable due to its ability to automatically expand 3 times its original size whenever water starts running through it. Also when the water flow stops Magix Hose can automatically contract to its original size. Along with its compact nature it is quite light in its weight standing at around less than a pound in comparison with regular hoses which might regularly go above 8 pounds. Since its weight is less and is compact to store away it can be even used to carry along on a boat or RVs. It is one hose that even kids can use easily to water the plants and have some fun with the same.

Ordinary hoses can tangle easily and create a mess especially those that are longer. Stowing away such a large wound hose is very difficult and can easily kink if not stored correctly. But using a hose is inevitable because it’s not practical to use a bucket of water for the activities. Keeping in mind all these issues many manufacturing companies have tried to create next generation water hoses but the one that really works is Magix Hose.

Magix Hose is also made of very durable material that keeps it intact even if a car runs over it. This feature makes it last longer compared to any other regular hose. And the best part is it will never tangle or get intertwined making it easier to handle. Magix Hose, a genuine made in USA product is available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft of sizes depending on the size of the garden at an amazingly low rate.



What do I get?

  • 25 Ft Magix Hose $15.99
  • 50 Ft Magix Hose $25.99
  • 75 Ft Magix Hose $35.99
  • 100 Ft Magix Hose $45.99

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3 thoughts on “Magix Hose Review

  1. I took advantage of the 2 for 1 offer ordering a flexible hose and expected two of them. I received one for a total cost of $59.83 Canadian plus $14.22 Canadian for custom’s brokerage fee. I intend to contact Master Card to launch a complaint about these deceptive practices. I only tried it out once I now have second thoughts about its dependability. Incidentally, the process of ordering is another nightmare with all sorts of pressure to buy more products and higher priced hose. Beware!!

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