Lint Buddy

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Having a lint roller is immensely useful as it helps you keep things clean and healthy, but if you have one that delivers even better performance, such as Lint Buddy, there’s indeed nothing like it. Lint Buddy is the fantastic new lint roller that comes with advanced features that give it an edge over traditional lint rollers. Lint Buddy is splendid at work as it grabs dirt, lint, specks, pet hair and all the unwanted irritants like glue the way traditional lint rollers cannot. It pulls and picks up almost anything from materials you want to clean without causing even minor damage as it’s absolutely safe for all types of fabric.

How does Lint Buddy Work

One of the highlights of Lint Buddy is that it is reusable, which means it relieves you of hassles of buying new lint rollers or lint roller tape. That saves you from spending money every time the lint roller is worn out and also time and energy to change it. It effortlessly assists removal of all the undesirable particles from all types of surfaces. It swerves and rolls 360 degrees under your supervision and leaves things you run over it impeccably clean and fresh.

What’s more, once you’re done detaching and removing lint, crumbs, flecks, dirt or anything from Lint Buddy, you can clean it easily by placing it under running water. In moments, it will come it sparkling clean, like a brand new one. After that all you need to do is simply dry it off on a towel and it’ll be ready to be used all over again!

Lint Buddy is available in travel size so if you are the avid on the go user, it’s just perfect for you. It affords you the convenience of keeping things clean anywhere, anytime by simply rolling it across any surface. It is reliable, perfectly efficient and certainly your best buddy that helps you stay hygienic, clean and healthy.



What do I get?

  • 2 set Lint Buddy

All this for $7.99 + $5.99 P. & H. Official website



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