Knock Out Stain Remover Review

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Who doesn’t like to keep one’s house spotless clean and you go through great lengths to ensure sensational results. However you know that there are times when you can’t avoid those accidents where there will be spillages on the floor, your expensive furniture etc. Sometimes you only notice these stains when they have hardened and are so difficult to get rid of. At times like these you will find Knock Out Stain Remover extremely helpful because it gets rid of stains efficiently and effectively every single time. And that too without those harmful chemicals that many other such cleaners and stain removers tend to contain.

How does Knock Out Stain Remover Work

If you have pets and kids at home, there are more chances of finding stains where you least expect them. Kids do their art work all around the house and marks remain for all to be seen. But you also want to be careful with the products you use at home, particularly when you have kids and pets in the house. That’s why this stain remover is just perfect for your household needs; it ensures that just about any stain is removed in a matter of seconds. And what’s more, it works on all kinds of surfaces as well.

You don’t have to keep scrubbing your floor, countertops or furniture in the house and add strain on your wrists when this stain remover will do the job for you easily. The reason this stain remover works so well is because it breaks down the stains into smaller molecules that are water soluble. And once that’s done, they can be easily wiped off so that you have surfaces that are stain free and squeaky clean. This environmentally friendly stain remover can also be used as a prewash treatment for clothes and it will help you get rid of stains from carpets and rugs too.

The good thing is it works on different kinds of stains, from crayons to nail polish. You can use it to eliminate coffee and wine stains as well and it works well on those stubborn mustard stains too.



What do I get?
2 DOUBLE SIZED bottles of Knock Out Stain Remover for just $19.95 + $13.90 s/h. Official website


Knock Out Stain Remover Video

9 thoughts on “Knock Out Stain Remover Review

  1. Has anyone ever received this Knock Out Stain Remover. I ordered over 8 weeks ago and have not received product, nor can I find a customer service number. THIS IS A SCAM…. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY OR STREAM CLEAN… I believe they are the same people and have not received their product either.

    Call me STUPID… !!!

  2. Does anyone have a contact number for this product? I too have not heard from them about my order that was 8 weeks ago.

  3. I too ordered Knockout Stain Remover on March 3rd and have not yet received the product as of May 5th!!!! My credit card was charged immediately! No phone number listed on their website. WTH!!!

  4. I ordered this product (Knockout Stain Remover) over 8 weeks ago. I cannot – CAN NOT – get anyone to call me back. I have left 6 messages in about 3 weeks time and NOBODY will return my call!!!!! Oh, they processed my credit card in a hurry – but not product!! Maybe the product is good (but how would I know that since I never received it!!!) but the customer service is worse than terrible!!! I would tell everyone to try something other than this product………or you’ll be writing your own complaint!!!

  5. I order Knock Out Stain Remover on Feb. 28th. I have an order # and I have never received my order, nor has my card been the amount. Total scam…. DO NOT ORDER!!!!!

  6. Looking for my tracking number or my product ordered 03/02/13. Order #9632779. When can I expect this order and how will it be delivered i.e. FedEx, UPS, USPS??

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