JML Blast Vac Pro Review

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About JML Blast Vac Pro

All home owners want to keep their houses spic and span because they speak volumes about you. If you run any kind of commercial premises you want them to be clean as well because it makes the right impression on your customers and clients too. But you know professional cleaning can cost you a fortune while regular vacuum cleaners can make things difficult for you at best of times. If you wanted to get professional quality cleaning results at home then Blast Vac Pro will be the answer to your prayers.


How does JML Blast Vac Pro Work

Blast Vac Pro is a must have for all home owners and it works for everyone who own commercial premises too. And that’s because it’s a brilliant combination of vacuum cleaner and blower at the same time. That’s the reason several of your cleaning jobs can be handled by it and you won’t have to rely on several products and devices to do the job for you. Blast Vac Pro can be used just about anywhere in and around your house and commercial premises. It’s compact and lightweight, which means you can use it effortlessly to do all the cleaning jobs for you.

Blast Vac Pro can be used in your indoor spaces to get top quality cleaning results and it will work well in those hard to reach areas as well. The good thing about it is that it comes with 13 different attachments. Thus you can cleverly use them to handle different types of cleaning tasks in your surroundings. Blast Vac Pro can also be used to clean your car or get rid of the mess on your driveway. You can also use it to clean the high shelves or then to dust the curtains if you’d like to.

Blast Vac Pro has many applications for you and that includes blowing up inflatables in the house too. Blast Vac Pro is quite powerful and packs a punch with its 800 watt power. Thus it’s a strong and versatile enough appliance for your homes and offices to do all the cleaning jobs effectively and easily.


What do I get?
1 x Blast Vac main unit
1 x Long hose
1 x Short hose
1 x Blower port
1 x Soft brush
1 x Firm brush
1 x Crevice brush
3 x Extension tubes
1 x Flat vacuum head
1 x Connection tube
1 x Shoulder strap
1 x Large blower attachment
1 x Medium blower attachment
1 x Small blower attachment
1 x Vac Pack Large
All this for just £39.99. Official website

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