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According to the Invinceable review this is a scam….they don’t tell you how exactly the InVinceable stain remover work, the review also says the InVinceable infomercial does not mention the ingredients of the Invinceable stain remover. The Invinceable Review further reveals that the infomercial ad is clearly misleading which shows the stains literally disappearing with just a few sprays, there is no stain removal in the whole world thats works like miracle.

Miracle Product?? – Not really

One InVinceable reviewer Matt Griffin has complained in his InVinceable Review that there is no such product that works wonder on red wine stains and pet stains – the most stubborn of the stains. The infomercial claims the product to be “All-natural” but does not mention how does InVinceable actually work, nor does it mention the ingredients. According to the review – The most common category of “Natural” stain removers are Enzyme Based stain removals which digest most stains, but damage the fabric of the clothes and some people may be allergic to it. The infomercial video raises lot of questions like why doesn’t the manufacturer mention the ingredients and the category of the InVinceable stain removal. The reviewer concludes that maybe the manufacturer does not want the people to know that InVinceable is just another average stain removal that is no different from the one available for under $10 in any store and wants to portray it as a “Miracle” NEW product that is not available anywhere else. Many gullible people fall for this trap and get suckered in buying the product believing that it is going to work in exactly same way as shown in the TV ad.


Create your own InVinceable

One reviewer Gregory Graeber in his InVinceable review reveals that InVinceable is an Oxygen based bleach that uses oxygen bubbles to lift the stains. The normal ingredient of oxygen based stain removal products is sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate – a detergent and bleaching agent based on hydrogen peroxide. This is nothing magical and there are other branded oxygen based stain removals like OxiClean, Clorox, All OxiActive and Shout Oxy Powder. Most customers complain that these type of stain removals brighten the fabric than removing the stains, and make it look like the stains has been removed. One important thing the reviewer mentions in his Invinceable review is that they are more eco-friendly and biodegradable than the chlorine based bleaching agents. The reviewer claims that you can create your own InVinceable like oxygen based stain remover by mixing one part Hydrogen Peroxide, One part baking powder and two parts hot water and rubbing the solution on the stain.

Typical S/h Scam

Ernest Gradwohl in his InVinceable review points out the Exorbitant S & H, extra charges and malpractices. The S/h for one set of InVinceable is $6.95 and you still have to pay the same S/h for the 2nd free set. So you pay $23.95 in total. One set includes 4 Bottle Supply of InVinceable Dissolvable Powder and 2 Any Angle Sprayer Bottles, they don’t tell you about the offer/what do you get at the beginning. They don’t tell you the quantity of the powder in each bottle. The reviewer also points out that the ordering process is confusing and misleading. The reviewer warns in his InVinceable review about the shabby ordering process, there is a “Quantity” option at the beginning of the ordering process. Many customers order multiple quantities believing that they are ordering multiple bottles and not knowing they are actually ordering multiple “sets” of 4 Bottle Supply of InVinceable Dissolvable Powder and 2 Any Angle Sprayer Bottles. They are unaware that the price of $23.95 is getting multiplied with the quantity and there is no way to edit the items and quantity. They also don’t show you the final summary page of your order and how much you are actually being charged. The customers realize about the scam only after they get see the bank statement. It doesn’t stop here, most of the time the product is backordered and customers receive the product after several weeks. While returning the product – you still have to pay the S/h to return the product.


Invinceable Review – Definitely a Scam

The Invinceable Review states that it is for sure a scam. There is no mention of what are its ingredients and lacks the presence of proper instructions to use it correctly according to Invinceable Review and highly exaggerates its cleaning potential portrayed to be magical in the infomercial.

Easy Cleaning? Not Really

Jasper Lynos in his Invinceable Review complains that the product really does not work on absolutely anything. Its claim of removing the toughest of stains like red wine, pet stains, etc. is not true. There are instructions about filling it to the line which is halfway and putting the tablet in it. He further states in his Invinceable Review that even after spraying and letting it sit there was no cleaning that took place.

Cost Effective? Absolutely not

Other customer Daniel Coyote who put down an Invinceable Review reveals that since it fails completely to perform any cleaning and requires usage within 8 hours of preparation it is a completely waste of money. Also while placing order there are so many offers that one has to go through and if someone does not know how to bypass them will end up paying a lot unnecessarily.

35 thoughts on “InVinceable Review

  1. I got the stuff at Family Dollar 90% off so only paid $.10 cents thank God cause I read the directions on how to remove laundry stains & it did absolutely nothing in removing any stains at all !!! Nothing works like it does on the ads in which they are trying to sell their crap to people who are dumb enough to believe it … Dont waste your money this stuff is garbage !!!

    • Thanks to the majority of people on this site that have alerted me to this products deficiencies, and the ordering process inadequacies and up-selling practices.

      I am so glad I read these reviews before I made an order today. God bless honest people; zero regard for the rest.

  2. We bought ours at our local Menards and tried the product and we were not impressed with the results. It didn’t remove water stains from our toilet even when used as directed. We don’t think it works any better than any similar product we’ve bought at the store.

  3. This stuff works but it is kind of a hoax. First of all the liquid only lasts for 8 hours and the bottles after we spent $30 on this junk don’t work after a while. I have bought things in squirt bottles where when they were empty you could use the spray bottles for years. I still have some envelopes left and neither spray bottles works.

    I would highly recommend never to buy this junk . All you are buying is junk just to fill these people ‘s pockets with gold. It is frustrating. Then if you want them to replace the defective bottles, they want you spend more money to send them back.

  4. i too should have read reviews before buying first day I got it went round using it on stains funny stains are still there I was under the impression from the add it cleaned everything …. Wrong it even tells you what it doesn’t clean disappointed I left it in the cupboard until last night when I tried it again even doubled the strength no better than the last time I tried it what I will say is it left me with a stain/mark on my leather couch as I rested it there while I was seeing if it would clean glass — no it doesn’t left it streaky in a word USELESS

  5. I ordered this product to clean up semen stains off my keyboard, needless to say it didn’t work and I have carpal tunnel syndrome to boot! Oh well, off to snap my carrot some more!

  6. ordering process locks you in can not change quanity or cancel. I called complained they changed price to 3.90 for product 13.00 dollars for shipping. got product works as well as water. useless.scam

  7. I think it would make more sense to contact the networks that air these BS ads, and pressure them.

    Anyone who watches these ads, and thinks the products are really some new, miracle cleaner that is only available through a pitchman with a drug and hooker problem is really naive.

  8. Should read this before ordering… Yesterday I ordered this stuff on-line, but surprisingly got a call from them “to confirm address” and were asked for extra payment for some crap…
    Can you guys tell me what record appeared on your credit card so, I can try to prevent charging me?
    Thanks for your help

  9. First of all , what a dick for saying accidents happen , how do u think children happen or whatever the fuck this noodle neck said on tv

  10. I wish CAMERA GUY WOULD SPRAY SOME of that crap on sham wow dude. is he the guy that the hooker bit his tongue.


  11. It worked when I did it just like the commercial, which the TV host Vince did in real time so I don’t know why the person wrote the bad review doesn’t like it. Sounds like he never used it. There is a disclaimer on the commercial that mentioned that scrubbing maybe required, and that some shots were time lapsed. I paid $10 plus S&H and then I got a free set which included another upside bottle, I assume the bigger package and weight was why they charged the other S&H.

    • How much did they pay you to write that ad?

      You ignore all the points in the article, and gloss over the exhorbitant s&h charges.

  12. This product will not work on granite countertops or on stainless product as it leaves a white film all over it! It may be fine for other uses but overall, not for the kitchen. I returned the product, will see how easy it is to get money back.

  13. This is a remake of last Fall’s infomercial for Instagone Pro (now out of business). They make a fortune on the outrageous shipping and handling fees which they do not refund when you return the lousy product. So, for $23.90 you get two 89 cent spray bottles and two small packets of powder, pay to return it, get $10 back, and they pocket the difference. When they’ve made enough off of tens of thousands of suckers, they close up shop and are untraceable. I’d love to see a class action law suit! Why do TV channels sell them air time anyway?

    • I agree – totally a waste of money. The ordering process is a rip-off too – you do not get the opportunity to change quantities ordered. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

  14. I urge anyone who has either tried to order Invinveable, or actually ordered it, to contact the Federal Trade Commission regarding the misleading trap customers are taken through during the ordering process. The process also not give options for changing, canceling or reviewing your order, which violates certain consumer laws. And the up-sell attempts during the ordering process are the sleaziest that exist. There are consumers out there planning class action lawsuits and spreading the word about this scam on social media. This company will sooner than later fall, and it’s corporate execs are in for a big surprise in terms of fines and potential jail time.

  15. Horrible product–does not do hardly anything as advertised. Dont be taken in by this latest TV hustle or you will be sorry!

  16. I was going to try this product, as well as My Cleaning Secret, but not anymore after reading reviews.

    Where is the FDA or EPA when you need them????

    To all you disappointed folks, go to the Better Business Bureau. That’s always worked for me to get refunds for bad services/products.

  17. This product really doesn’t work at all. It in its ad is deceptive and an outright lie. Someone ought to sue. Shipping is a joke. It costs more than product. It does no good to complain. . They ought to be ashamed. This is so wrong. The spray bottles do not work as advertised. There is no way to see how much they are charging until you see your bank statement. No brush was included either.

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