Instant Duster Pro Review

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Are you still using old brushes and dusters to clean up your home? It’s high time you switched over from the tiring and tedious manual cleaning methods to Instant Duster Pro right away. Instant Duster Pro is an incredibly sophisticated automatic duster which cleans everything faster and effortlessly without raising dust or hurting your wrist that other cleaning equipment do.

How does Instant Duster Pro Work

Instant Duster Pro is the revolutionary new automatic duster that has electromagnetic fibres to trap dust like a magnet from any corner. A number of clefts and tight spaces all over the house lie untouched as you can’t reach them with ordinary cleaners. They simply have normal feather dusters, which only spread dust rather than remove it. Instant Duster Pro spins 400 times a minute, so you can clean any area or any corner in your house ten times faster and a lot better.

Instant Duster Pro functions on batteries without cables and empowers you to do your chores in one tenth of the time. It is remarkably versatile as it can adapt to any surface and gap to pull dirt out without releasing it in the air. Cleaning job becomes a breeze if you have this amazing automatic duster in your home. It also protects you from stain on your wrists and actually turns cleaning quick, easy and fun. You can clean the front or behind appliances, high ceilings, under heavy furniture, blinds, narrow spaces between furniture and walls and more effortlessly with Instant Duster Pro. It pulls even the most stubborn speck of dust from anywhere.

The powerful Instant Duster Pro is also subtle as it can clean your delicate and valued articles and simultaneously safeguard them. Your finest glassware, crockery and antique furniture as well as electronic products like TV screen and stereo system can be safely entrusted to it. It will clean them all flawlessly in a single swipe with its soft electrostatic fibres. Instant Duster Pro is so agile and precise that it can even clean the leaves of your plants without hurting them. And after you’re done with your dusting, keep it under the tap for fast cleaning so that it is ready for its job again!



What do I get?

  • 1 Instant Duster Pro
  • 1 Extra-long duster head
  • 1 Small duster head
  • 1 Spray cleaner

All this for just £19.99. Official website



Instant Duster Pro Video

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