Instagone Pro Review

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What is Instagone Pro?

It claims to be a revolutionary cleaning formula that can be used to remove stains, dirt, mold and mildew stains by simply spraying on it and doesn’t need any scrubbing whatsoever.

InstaGone Pro does not mention how it actually works, the commentator in the infomercial just says the secret is “Deep Penetration” action which actually does not reveal the secret of InstaGone Pro. We searched over the net and found the MSDS sheet for InstaGone Pro, after going through the ingredients of InstaGone Pro it is now clear that InstaGone Pro is a mixture of bleaching agent and various salts.

Easy Stain Removal

Instagone Pro supposedly is a very unique and effective solution that does all the stain removal instantly and on itself. Stains can be really hard to fight and very difficult to avoid. Smallest of stains on floorings, furniture, ceiling, etc. can take away the appeal of your house. Also with time and decay there is much grime, dirt and dust that settles between tiles and flooring. Instagone Pro is said to be invented for this one specific purpose and is unlike other solution that are sprayed and scrubbed over.

The main effective highlight of Instagone Pro is that it doesn’t required any type of scrubbing which removes the manual work out of the picture. This promising feature of Instagone Pro helps in saving a lot of time and manual work that takes place while cleaning the house. Also scrubbing on delicate surfaces can actually damage and spoil it much more than the actual stain. Instagone Pro works like magic in simple steps where it is to be pointed on the stained surface, sprayed upon and left for few seconds for an instant automatic hands-free cleaning.

Innovative formula

Instagone Pro claims to work effectively in matter of seconds and all it needs is being sprayed over the surface to be cleaned. This is possible due to its formula that is made to start working on a molecular level. It starts disintegrating the stain as soon as it comes in contact with it and breaks it down away from the surface providing total cleaning. Instagone Pro also is said to have a powerful penetrating formula which reaches the tiniest of crevasses for a complete clean surface.

Claims to works on all surfaces:

Instagone Pro promises to be a better cleaning formula because it is universal in nature and works on almost all stains, dirt, grime, mold and mildew stains. It works on all types of surfaces and in any corner of the house be it indoor or indoor. Be it tiles, stucco, grout, trim concrete, ceilings, ceramic, plastic laminate, painted walls and much more.

What will InstaGone Pro not work on – Based on Customer Reviews

  • Does not work for Carpets.
  • Many customers have complained InstaGone Pro DOES NOT WORK ON STAINED TILES.
  • Does not work on mold too.
  • Does not remove nicotine stains from the furnitures.
  • InstaGone Pro bleaches out everything.
  • It is too strong and can be hazardous.
  • Does not work on Fiberglass, vinyl seats and window sills.
  • InstaGone Pro works on fresh spots but not on old ones.

    Ingredients of InstaGone Pro

    Calcium hypochlorite (60-80%)
    Sodium chloride (10-20%)
    Calcium chlorate (0-5%)
    Calcium chloride (0-5%)
    Sodium Polyacrylate (0-2%)
    Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate (0-2%)
    Calcium hydroxide (0-4%)
    Calcium carbonate (0-5%)


    What do I get ?

  • Buy 2 Bottles of InstaGONE Pro and a spray bottle for only $10 plus $6.99 P&H
  • Official website:

5 thoughts on “Instagone Pro Review

  1. Better off just using Clorox, as that is all you get, powdered bleach that you reconstitute with water. I had high hopes for this. Scammed again.

  2. Has anyone tried InstaGone Pro? does it really work?

    Does it really remove stains?

    Is it a scam?

    Can you suggest a better alternative to InstaGone Pro?

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