Inject N Clean Review

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What is Inject N Clean?

Inject N Clean is a carpet cleaner and sanitizer that helps you clean underneath the carpet to eliminate the bacteria and odors that remain after any spillage or stains on the carpet. It claims to be a stain remover and high potency cleaner allowing you to keep your carpet looking good as new.


How does Inject N Clean work?

Inject N Clean works in a three step process – Step One is to pop the Inject N Clean nozzle through the carpet, Step Two is to lift and finally Step Three is to add the deodorizer and squeeze. These three simple steps by Inject N Clean claim to make it a one stop solution to your carpet or rug stain removal problems. Inject N Clean claims to clean and sanitize underneath the surface of your carpet. While most of us resort to scrubbing and cleaning the surface of our carpet to remove the stains, what isn’t realized is that the bottom pad of the carpet still has the odors and bacteria from the previous spillage.

Cleans any Carpet and Rug

Inject N Clean instantly disburses the deodorizer between the carpet and the pad which helps in eliminating the remnants of the odor and bacteria. As the air breathes through the carpet the moisture evaporates, making your carpet clean, dry and odor free. Inject N Clean claims to work on any type of carpet or rug be it berber, plush or textured. Although Inject N Clean has no customer reviews yet, the website claims to have a number of satisfied customers who proclaim that Inject N Clean has helped them manage their carpet worries with ease.

Carpet fibers soak up 20% of pet messes, while 80% is absorbed in the padding underneath where it spreads, dries and stinks. Inject N Clean helps target these odors and sanitizes and disinfects the pad underneath the carpet.Inject N Clean claims that its pinpoint, stainless steel applicator pops through the carpet to reach the pad underneath, without damaging the carpet or leaving a mark. Inject N Clean also claims that the formula used for its deodorizer is safe for the pets and family. Inject N Clean promises to take care of any type of odor or bacteria be it pet urine, coffee, wine or practically any type of spill.

Professional Results

Inject N Clean claims to help you save the time, money and effort that goes into employing a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets. Inject N Clean also comes with a stain remover which works toward giving you a stain free carpet. Inject N Clean stain remover also promises to keep off the stains as well as ensure the color of your carpet remains the same by being a high potency and color safe stain remover. Inject N Clean Sanitizer as well as stain remover promise to be your one stop solution to all carpet cleaning needs. Sounds a bit too good to be true? Wait for the first customer review to posted on the performance of this product to judge how true the claims are.

What do I get?

You will receive the INJECT N CLEAN kit with Sanitizing Deodorizer for just $12.99 & $6.99 processing & handling.Official website

One thought on “Inject N Clean Review

  1. To whom it may concern,

    First off, my father is the inventor of the Inject N Clean and we are NO LONGER affiliated with Hampton Direct in any shape or form. We are working as a FAMILY to get the Inject N clean out to the general public ourselves, as we feel the Inject N Clean SOLVES a HUGE problem in the pet world. With that said, the cost/shipping/everything listed by Hampton Direct’s commercial does not exist. If you are looking for the true cost/shipping please visit our website

    The Inject N Clean itself IS NOT AN ODOR ELIMINATOR, BUT a tool to delivery YOUR FAVORITE odor eliminator under your carpet! Most folks think that it is just another odor eliminator – it is not. It will make your go to odor eliminator 10x more effective as it is delivering your odor eliminator where the urine actually resides at, which unfortunately is under you carpet. A carpet cleaning machine will never saturate your carpet enough to reach under your carpet and dumping a gallon of odor eliminator will 100% damage/ruin the backing of your carpet – so I beg you, please be kind to your carpet and do not do that. My family also owns a flooring business and my father has 30 years of experience and has a good relationship with the mills, so we are 100% confident when we say this.

    Now, lets address the questions above. In the Inject N Clean kit, you will receive the delivery tool as well as the empty 6oz applicator bottle (ideal dose for average size dog = 4oz). We packaged it with the 6oz applicator bottle because odor eliminator bottles are just to darn big to use to squeeze the odor eliminator through the tubing of the Inject N Clean. Therefore, having the 6oz applicator bottle is an absolute must. Again, you can use your favorite odor eliminator that works for you. This tool delivers your odor eliminate to the right spot – under your carpet.

    Penetrating the Inject N Clean through your carpet will not damage your carpet when used appropriately. When dealing with short/long fibers of carpet, you can penetrate your carpet anywhere and will 100% not see the hole as the backing and fibers close in on themselves. When dealing with berber, you want to pentrate on the sides of the loops so you do not pull up on the loops. This method will 100% allow the backing and fibers to fold back up on themselves!

    The odor eliminator that is under your carpet will naturally evaporate, just like the pee that was sitting there. We do not suck up the pee under our carpet, it naturally evaporates. So, your odor eliminator will do the exact same thing.

    There is NO OTHER way to effectively remove the odor under your carpet yourself. Your options are to either A)Get new carpet = expensive or B)hire a carpet cleaning service to pull back your carpet and spray it and then reinstall existing carpet = expensive!

    You can purchase the Inject N Clean for $14.99 + shipping or you can purchase the Inject N Clean kit (delivery system + 32oz odor eliminator) for $24.99 + shipping.

    Our recommended odor/stain eliminator contains a trillion count of active bacteria that will pacman its way through to eat the urine odor molecules and be 100% effective in a day and half. Now, other odor eliminators can take up to two weeks to be 100% effective. Our odor eliminator treats the ‘disease’ by eating the odor molecules, competitors treat the ‘system’ by masking the odor smell which eventually wears off with time.

    I hope I have addressed most questions and concerns that were above. If you have any additional questions, please send an email to

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