Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop with Bucket Reviews and Complaints

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Get a revolutionary cleaning system that will change the way you clean forever! 360 Spin Mop is a breakthrough home cleaning system guaranteed to cut your cleaning time in half! String mops are stinky, smelly and full of germs and rinsing is difficult, while sponge mops simply push the dirt around and disposable mops are just plain expensive.


Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop

With 360 Spin Mop, you will never have to bend your back because it has been designed by a woman for a man! All you have to do is give it a couple of dunks in the bucket, place in the basket, push down the foot pump; the centrifugal force produces spins more than 1000 RPM to dry the mop for you! 360 Spin Mop has over 8,000 strands individually banded for strength, durability and absorbency plus it’s reusable and machine washable.

360 Spin Mop bands create a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop head. The unique locking bands trap the liquid and prevent it from leaking!  360 Spin Mop is great for any type of floor, it spins 360 degrees, like a street sweeper cleaning the curbs, pulling the mess to the inside of the mop so you’re not just pulling and pushing the dirt around.

With its 360° swivel head, you can clean in the corners, clean the sides of the baseboards; go underneath the refrigerator, clean without moving the furniture. The super articulated handle lies down so flat; you can clean underneath your beds and couches comfortably.

Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop Complaints

It’s flimsy
This product doesn’t come cheap but it certainly feels like it because you come across plastic parts that often break. What’s worse is that these parts can’t be replaced making this product useless. The handle is quite weak too and there’s a problem with the screw that connects the handle because it doesn’t stay in. The mop head can fall out, which just shows that it’s a badly made product.

It doesn’t work
The mop doesn’t spin like you’d expect it to and it also ends up leaving lint on the floor, which makes buying this product a self-defeating exercise. It doesn’t even work on simple laminated floors, there’s no point using it on hard floors.

No value for money
Things fall off and the product doesn’t work well but you pay huge amounts for it. And returning it adds to your problems because you have to pay more money for that.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 360 Degree Spin Mop
  • Spin Dry Bucket
  • Low Profile Handle
  • Fully Warranted
  • 1 year on Mop Head
  • 1 year on Handle and Bucket
  • All this for 3 payments of $19.95 + S/h.


    Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop Video


    13 thoughts on “Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop with Bucket Reviews and Complaints

    1. I’ve played had my hurricane mop for over a year. I love it! All of the sudden the foot petal wouldn’t work right. I’d step on and pit really wouldn’t spin but when I took my foot off it would spin backwards. I took the bottom off, everything looked fine. Long story shortn I then manually spinned the basket with my hand clockwise about 7 or 8 times. Stepped on the petal and it spinned perfectly again! Just a little FYI if anyone has this problem in the future. Hope this helps someone else.

      • I’ve had my spin mop for about 6 years. After a year or so, the basket would catch and not spin as well as when it was new. I put a little WD40 on the metal rod (that actually spins the basket) and it’s worked great since. I think I did a few drops at the bottom and a few at the top. Hope that helps!

    2. Went to remove mop head to throw it in the washer and the handle broke off at the mop head connection. The mop is suposed to pop off . Now I have to buy a whole new mop and bucket. This is expensive!

    3. Got my Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop with Bucket but I also order an additional 2 pack mop head but didn’t receive that. I think I waited long enough for the extra mop head so can you please send me my order. This order was place in April 14.

        • Good Luck with those replacement heads. I would suggest you try them right away. NOT ONE of these replacements would stay on the mop. Customer service all but called me stupid or I must be doing it wrong. Well, I was able to have no problem with the original head. It’s the replacements that don’t fit. I called and wrote and finally got them to agree to send me two mop sticks to replace the ones that weren’t working. They sent me another mop kit and told me that was as a “courtesy”. Courtesy? I can’t use them with the new heads. I have to find out who her supervisor is which no doubt will be a feat. So now I have four mop heads, four buckets, and I’m not even sure if the new one will take the replacement heads…I’m frustrated and pissed.

    4. I purchased my Hurricane 360 Degree Spin Mop about 6 weeks ago. The handle broke at the bottom. This is definitely not worth the money and I would suggest to everyone considering this product to think again. I am so put out by all of this. You should offer some kind of reimbursement or at least send a free mop for something so costly that broke so easily.

    5. Loved my spin mop but after 3 uses the plastic that connects the mop head to the mop stick cracked and broke, very disappointed. Now do I have to purchase a whole new mop and bucket? Seems unfair.

    6. I purchased my Hurricane mop set probably about a year ago and have not washed my floors more than a couple dozen times. the foot pedal does not engage the mechanism to make the wringer spin anymore and I have not been able to find out if it is broken or is there a simple fix.

      Rather frustrating because I can’t even call the people that made it to find out because they are never available.

      I purchased my mop assembly from HSN and paid a very reasonable price. I have been happy with the product up until now.

    7. I order this Hurricane Spin Mop on May 13th, they took $70.33 out of my bank on May 17th. It is now June 14th. My order has till not been filled, they keep saying its on back order but my best friend ordered her’s 4 days after me and paid for priority shipping and guess what, she has her’s. When you watch the video it tells you and the phone rep told me since I upgraded the mop bucket I WOULD GET FREE SHIPPING and the extra free mop head. But they have lied to me, they have charged me $7.99 for the extra mop head and $12.99 shipping, lest add this all up. False advertising for saying on the infomercial you get a extra free mop head or $7.95 free shipping for $4.99 And you can get it now if you pay for priority mail. TELEBRANDS IS THE company BEHIND the lies. Boycott them, there are many other site having the mop.


      • This is what is happening to me right now. It has been 2 months and I am upset. I am also tired of getting the run around from them plus when I asked for a refund they said I would only be refunded $5.00 of my $120.00 order! What is this?! Please do not order Hurricane 360 Mop from these people and from what I have read this mop may be junk anyway.

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