Hoover Air Cordless

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What is Hoover Air Cordless

It is a full power vacuum cleaner that is battery operated hence it doesn’t need a power cord for its operation. This helps in eliminating the limitation to go only as far as the power cord goes while cleaning.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

Hoover Air Cordless claims that it is the most powerful and most effective vacuum cleaner available today. The difference that supposedly sets it apart from its competitor is obviously its cleaning technology and power but also the fact that it operates cordlessly on battery, eliminating the need for any cord connected to power supply. Most cord oriented vacuum cleaners have a tendency to be restricted to the length of its cord while cleaning and also have issues of cords all tangling up. But battery operated vacuums do not have the capacity of a power operated cleaners until now. Hoover Air Cordless is said to be a breakthrough and one of its kind that provides optimum cleaning like any cord operated vacuum but without any cords. It is said that there are LithiumLife Battery Technology used for the vacuum and the two batteries that are provided along have the capacity to run the vacuum at maximum capacity for a full 50 minutes of runtime.
Its batteries can be charged comfortably in the charging port when not in use and benefit of two batteries apparently means there is no wait period while cleaning as each battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge to its full capacity. It is said that the two batteries together has apparently the capacity to clean up to 2,500 square feet area or 25 10ft. x 10 ft. rooms. Also there is an effective Battery Level Indicator right on the body of Hoover Air Cordless which is apparently shows the level at which battery is and provides info whether it needs charging or not.


Features and Advantages:

Hoover Air Cordless apparently is feature rich and not just advantageous on the cordless design front. The highlight of its power capacity is said to be the Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology, which is a patented technology developed for Hoover Air Cordless and is said to be equipped with 3 times more batter power than most best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners. This technology practically provides the vacuum with the capacity to lift and remove dirt not just from the surface but even from deep down areas since it has 3 channels of suction. Also there is no loss of suction at any given point which means it supposedly never loses a patch unclean due to constant powerful suction action. Plus this technology makes it the perfect vacuum for every home since it can be used practically on any surface, right from carpets of different types to hard floors like tiles, flooring, hardwood, etc. It is apparently quite easy to use Hoover Air Cordless on any floor and can be simply started with the push of a button. Additionally reaching areas is supposedly easy as the design has Steerable Technology which easily steers through furniture, corners and obstacles without the need to move them. This steerable feature is said to be easy to handle and can turn the vacuum with one twist of the handle for smooth navigation. Another feature that is said to be raving about the vacuum is its weight as the designers have assembled this powerful package under 10 lbs. which makes it very easy to use and to carry even up and down stairs. Also look wise when Hoover Air Cordless claims to beat other vacuums with its space-age design and brilliant color. The lightweight feature is said to co-exist with its size and thus is said to be compact enough to take less storage space. With addition to the so called Removable Cleaning Wand it also is effective in cleaning the baseboards and furniture.

Cleaning Hoover Air Cordless is also said to be a very easy task.

This is due to the fact that it is said to come with High Capacity Bottom-Release Dirt Cup which holds and locks all type of dirt, dust and debris intact with a capacity of 1.05 liters. The cup can be cleaned easily too just like its removable reusable Easy Rinse Filter which is highly effective in trapping dirt and dust. Later this filter can be simply rinsed under running water once every two months or whenever it’s dirty for greater performance and doesn’t need replacement saving cost of purchasing replacement filters like other vacuums require.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Hoover Air Cordless for $299.96
  • Official website: aircordless.hoover.com
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