HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25

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As a home owner you are extremely particular about the levels of cleanliness and hygiene in and around the house. It’s not only about the impression you make on your guests but it’s important for the comfort and wellbeing of your loved ones too. The same is true for those who own commercial premises and it’s not always feasible to get professional cleaning jobs done. But regular steam cleaners just don’t cut it for you either, which is why you need HAAN Multiforce Pro that will make cleaning efficient and a breeze for you.

How does HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 Work

In fact HAAN Multiforce Pro is a steam cleaner that has been specifically designed to make cleaning, buffing and scrubbing a lot easier for you on a regular basis. It brings you the power of variable steam and CR-Motion Plus to keep you always in control of the cleaning jobs. HAAN Multiforce Pro is ideal for cleaning jobs, both indoors and outdoors and is boosted by the CR Motion technology that is known to boost the natural push and pull motion of the regular steam mops. And it does that by adding a scrubbing motion to the mix.

HAAN Multiforce Pro also lets you make the most of the variable steam option where you can choose just the right setting depending on the mess you have to clean up or the area that needs to be cleaned. You will be happy to note that it’s responsible for killing 99.9% bacteria, dust mites, germs etc. HAAN Multiforce Pro offers you a natural and safe way of cleaning your surroundings and it’s also an eco friendly option for you.

Since HAAN Multiforce Pro uses steam to clean different surfaces and there are no chemicals involved, it’s safe to be used around kids and pets. Its swivel head helps you reach areas that are otherwise hard to get. The water tank you find here is easily removable too and you can simply fill it in the sink when needed. HAAN Multiforce Pro has 20 steam jets that let you focus on the required area and do the cleaning job with precision.



What do I get?
Get the HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 Steam Cleaner for just $239.95. Official website HAANUSA.com



HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 Video

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