H2O SteamFX Review

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Who says cleaning grout from your tiles is a tough job that needs you to sit with a toothbrush and toil for hours scrubbing away? Or that cleaning a hood filter involves filtrating the dust back into the air? Or that carpets and mattresses cannot be cleaned of bugs and dust mites completely? Now you can get H2O SteamFX, the portable steam cleaner that works like a vacuum cleaner without the mess of vacuum bags and by turning water into steam to give you a hygienic environment.

How does H2O SteamFX Work

H2O SteamFX is so powerful that its 200° steam can even cut through a 2 inch thick ice block and clean your hood filter through it. That’s not all. The nylon brush provided with H2O SteamFX can be attached to the nozzle and you can easily scrub away the toughest of grease, dirt, grime and years of build up between the gaps of your tiles whether they are in the kitchen or the bathroom.

This is possible with the combination of the steam blast and the nylon brush. You can say goodbye to hard work and use of strong chemicals that can cause skin reaction. After the steam and scrub treatment with H2O SteamFX just take a rag and wipe the surface of your tile and you will have it as squeaky clean as brand new within minutes.

This is not where the amazing performance of H2O SteamFX ends. You can refresh your carpets, sofas or mattress with the steam treatment too. Just change the attachment and run the steam over the mattress to get rid of the dust mites and odor and have it as fresh as new within minutes. It will also help you get rid of bed bugs and your pet’s fur whether it’s on the bed, the couch or the carpet. That will help you and your family members keep allergies at bay and impress your guests with the ever fresh and revived mattress when they come for a sleep over. Breathe clean air and keep your house grime and grease free with the portable steam cleaner H2O SteamFX.



What do I get?
No info yet. Official website Thane.com



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