H2O HD Review

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About H2O HD

H2O HD is a steam cleaning system that promises to take cleaning to a whole new level of efficiency and gives you a hygienic home a lot quicker and easier. H2O HD proclaims to be a lightweight steam cleaner that can reach difficult to reach areas like behind the toilet bowl and gives high definition cleaning to all types of floors. As per the TV infomercial it’s a steam cleaner that cleans dirt and liquid, stains, refreshes, revives, and deodorizes various types of floors and carpets with ease.


H2O HD Review

A user of H2O HD High Definition 5 in 1 Steam Mop writes that the mop furred up and stopped working after 6 months of light use on wooden floors once a week. Another reviewer says that the mop did not live up to the expectations when used in the bathroom though it is good for cleaning cooker. The steamer is also disappointing according to the reviewer and it left more streaks on their marble and wooden floor compared to a regular mop.

One user bought the mop thinking it would be more eco-friendly. But the filter needed cleaning just after using it on a shower, a couple of glass doors, and a window. The filter is disposable plastic and harmful to the environment apart and frequently discarding would mean spending money on a number of filters if it’s used fully. Another customer says that the mop is all right and it shifted the grease and dust from their cooker hood other than mopping well on the laminate flooring. They add that its biggest disadvantage is that it takes 30 minutes to dry as opposed to traditionally-mopped floors that dry in five minutes. They found the price of the mop too steep.

For another user the little brush attachments did not connect to the extension hose and would have made cleaning the oven easier if they did. One reviewer says that trying to clean the bathroom and kitchen with it was a disaster and tiring. The mop is already on steam and blasts till the unit is turned off. They mostly had use for the hand-held part of the mop but their arms tired after just a few minutes. The steam shot wasn’t strong enough to blast dirt away. Though heat and steam help, the user has to do most work. It also blasts the crud from behind the toilet seat into the air. They add that the rug attachment to refresh the carpet did nothing.

One customer says that it’s a good product but the handheld part is extremely heavy and awkward because of the water chamber. Another user found the water tank too small and they would have to refill to work on most rooms. The cord is very short and needs relocating to other rooms often. They add that the mop head is a triangle that makes getting around certain areas such as behind the toilet difficult. The pads soak quickly and leave streaks on the floor.

According to another reviewer it made a lot of noise, water ran out too fast, it didn’t do what the ad claimed, and the grease and dirt remained. Another user says that it generates steam well but either lays down excessive water or the attachments cannot dry the water and it need traditional mop to clean up after it, which was disappointing. The filter emits a foul odor and needs frequent changing, which means additional expense. The mop also does not have a solid build and cannot stand upright on its own. The mop head, according to a user, is big and one cannot use old mops.

Another user says though good on carpets and flooring, it smudged an old stain on the carpet and made it uglier. One needs to be careful while using it on laminate or tiled floors that turn very wet. The handheld part didn’t clean the grout in the bathroom. One customer says that it made a messy job of cleaning the shower but did make a difference. For another user it is cleans floors exceptionally well whether wooden, laminate, carpet or tile. The window cleaner and fabric steamer performed poorly and it’s difficult to use the attachments. The head of this mop does not get into the corners well.

How does H2O HD work?

Unlike traditional cleaning systems, H2O HD convinces to have 3 different digital steam selections – Low, Medium and High – for quick or exhaustive cleaning. H2O HD asserts to have a quick-release handheld steamer that will allow you to clean every surface of the house. H2O HD maintains to have a high-capacity Replaceable Water Tank with Water Filter and LED backlight that states to clean much longer. The mop head of H2O HD declares to be sleek and have a wider cleaning path to let you clean quickly and easily.


Power of steam cleaning – H2O HD emphasizes to be perfect for cleaning all types of floors and carpets using super-heated steam. H2O HD assures to clean and kill germs without the need for chemicals and kills up to 99.9% e-coli bacteria, salmonella, MRSA, dust mites and bedbugs. Such claims will be validated once users review H2O HD.

Exceptional design – H2O HD asserts to be lightweight at less than 5lbs and folds for quick storage. It has faster gliding, larger triangle head that moves 360° to clean more surface in lesser time. It has a removable water tank with digital steam control adjustment. H2O HD allegedly becomes handheld easily and has different attachments like garment steamer, jet nozzle, nylon brush, and window cleaning. It has a reusable super absorbent mop, 1500W power and 450ml water tank. These claims will be verified by H2O HD reviews.


What do I get?

  • 1 H2O HD
  • 1 Carpet Glider
  • 1 Angled Jet Nozzle
  • 1 Nylon Brush
  • 1 Brass Brush
  • 1 Microfiber cloth for the mop head
  • 1 Super Absorbent cloth for the mop head
  • 1 Measuring cup
  • 5-years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Price: $249.95 AUD | Official website: H2OHD.com | Thane.ca | Thane.com

High definition cleaning system

Cleaning can be a painfully boring chore. Not only is it tiring but a regular cleaning system fails to reach all the nooks and crannies and clean all the surfaces of the house efficiently. But H2O HD is a high-definition cleaning system that alleges that you can clean your entire home with just one machine quickly and safely even around the kids and pets. H2O HD assures that it can clean floors, carpets, window and glass and even garments and upholstery. H2O HD assures that it heats up in seconds and its powerful steam can eliminate 99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses so that you and your family will have a lot more hygienic environment. With its extra large 360° cleaning head H2O HD states to let you cover larger surfaces in lesser time. 1500 watts power and 450 ml water tank of H2O HD convince that you wouldn’t have to stop repeatedly for refilling it.

The right power for different uses

H2O HD asserts that you can regulate the exact power for different kinds of cleaning jobs. This is claimed to be made possible with the digital steam settings of the cleaning system. The handheld steamer of H2O HD proclaims to release quickly with just the press of a button so that you can clean smaller and difficult to reach areas like the edges of the windows or bathtub right after you are done mopping. H2O HD also promises to clean, polish, sanitize and deodorize your bathroom floors, the carpet glide refreshes carpets, upholstery and other surfaces without using chemicals and just using the power of steam. H2O HD emphasizes to have reusable microfiber pads, super-absorbent coral microfiber pads that don’t drip like weak steamers, and sturdy handle to let you clean tough messes.


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