Groutinator Grout Cleaner Review

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Have you taken a good close look at your tiles lately? Tiles in your kitchen, bathroom and floors may have been added to increase the beauty of your house, but if you really notice, the dirty grouts are totally ruining the whole show! You can get rid of those unsightly stains with the amazing Groutinator!


How does Groutinator Grout Cleaner work?
The Groutinator grout cleaner easily removes stains! All you have to do is simply rub the Groutinator into the stain and reveal! Regular grout cleaners over promise but under deliver! Grouts turn dirty and grimy due to many reasons including mold, mildew, hard water and soap scum build up, rust stains and ground dirt.

Other cleaners like bleaches and magic sprays aren’t very effective, but Groutinator makes stains disappear instantly! The secret is the Groutinator’s patented blend of soft abrasives that have been bonded in a rigid elastomer to create the optimal texture for rubbing away the grout without endangering the tiles.

Groutinator works on all grout colors and types, be it thick or thin grouts. You can take Groutinator to work on the garage floor, driveway. It can restore over 1000 feet of grout! Get your tiles looking sparkling clean once again and reenergize your kitchen countertops, showers and floors with the incredible grout stain eliminator, the Groutinator! You will also receive the handy Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that are great for your bathrooms and kitchen and for lint free dusting.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 4 Groutinator Cleaners
  • 6 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • All this for just $10 + $15.90 s and h. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
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7 thoughts on “Groutinator Grout Cleaner Review

  1. Just tried the Groutinator on our white tile bathroom floor. Very impressed with how easy it was to use and have effective it was on 10 year old white grout. Will definitely use again – especially since our home is approximately 2400 square feet, most of which is tiled.

  2. I received my Groutinator in the mail today after 2 months of placing order. It actually works very well. They do not last long though. One block cleaned the grout around only 20 tiles. It looks so much better.

    I found out that Groutinator is actually called “Tile & Grout Erase It ” and can be purchased at for $6.99. I am going there to buy more now…

    • Thank you , Mike, for the website for Tile and Grout erase it! I, too, got my order 2 months after purchase and everything you said is true…I will go to the pool supply website to get more at a more reasonable price! Thank you again.


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