Grout Bully Review

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If you are one of those home owners who like to have everything around your house spic and span, you probably spend hours every day trying to clean the grout with a scraper. That’s because the grout in your bathroom, kitchen floor is one of the hardest places to clean and gets stained easily because of the presence of mold and bacteria in the house.


Grout Bully
Regular scrapers are tedious to use while you can get paint pens; but you only get them in white and they don’t work on large grout lines. For that you need Grout Bully, which not only cleans grout but also renews it as it were freshly regrouted. Now save yourself huge repair bills with the help of Grout Bully, which is effective and easy to use.

Grout Bully works wonders when it comes to cleaning grout because it uses a strong nanotechnology formula that gets through the grout and rids it of mold, mildew, germs and bacteria. When the main reason behind staining grout is eliminated it’s easy to get a crystal clear finish that would be suited for showroom display.

You can use Grout Bully on the floor in your kitchen, bathroom, walls and also kitchen counters. All you need to do is line it against your grout line and gently press down and apply. You can wipe off the excess and see the results. Grout Bully covers about 500 square feet area, making it highly feasible and it saves you a lot of time as well.

Grout Bully FAQs

What colors is Grout Bully available in?
Grout Bully is available in White, Black, Grey, Terra Cotta and Tan colors. More colors may be included in future.

Does Grout Bully work on all surfaces?
No. Grout Bully should be avoided on porous surfaces like unpolished granite and marble, unfinished stone and underwater areas of pools or ponds.

Can Grout Bully replace missing grout like chipped off chunks?
Grout Bully only cleans and renews old grout and does not work as substitute for missing grout. Fill in missing grout lines before applying Grout Bully.

How often does one need to reapply Grout Bully?
Depending on your maintenance of floors, you need only one application of Grout Bully. Only in high traffic areas, you may need reapplication.

What areas can I use Grout Bully?
Grout Bully can be used practically anywhere with a Grout Line whether on kitchen counters and floors, Bathroom floors, Outdoor tiles, etc. Grout Bully cleans and renews your tiles and also gives the floors instant makeover.

What are the instructions to use Grout Bully?
Shake Grout Bully well, squeeze gently and apply on grout line, let it dry for 2 minutes and finally use the chamois side of Bully Eraser to wipe off the excess Grout Bully.

Why aren’t different sized applicators available with Grout Bully?
The one size fits all approach is used to prevent customers from buying wrong sized applicators and wasting unused applicators.

Where is Grout Bully shipped?
All 50 States of US, and Canada.



What do I get?
• Grout Bully
• Color enhancer
• 5 brilliant color chargers: white, tan, gray, black, and terra cotta
by paying just the additional P&H charge of $7.95

You can order Grout Bully at for $19.95 plus $15.90 processing and handling.


Grout Bully Video


173 thoughts on “Grout Bully Review

  1. you guys are funny. some of the replies are priceless. okay there are definitely problems with this product. for those of you who are convinced it’s white shoe polish, compare the ingredients in white shoe polish to white grout bully. science won’t lie. the application process is a nightmare. my solution is to take off the top and voila! you pour out as much as you want and using a disposable glove and your fingers apply to your lines of grout! you would think after being on the market for years now, they would have improved the applicator process. Cheers!

  2. I bough this at Fry’s for $10 on a whim. We live in an old house with very old grout in the bathrooms. Mine is brown no matter how much cleaning I do. I tried the Grout Bully and I love it. I had to use it a little at a time (or I was stepping in it), so I did a few feet, let it dry, came back, did a few more….the worst areas required reapplying. The product was a little difficult to get flowing, but once I had the trick of pressing directly down to depress the little button that allows the product to flow, it went well. I also had to wet the chamois cloth to get it to really work at removing the product.

    Grout Bully worked GREAT. I never thought I’d see the floor grout white in my lifetime, but there it is and I love it. There were even some cracks in the light-colored tile from our foundation shifting that filled in with the white GB and are now invisible.

    I love this product. It may be paint, but I don’t care. I’d buy it and use it again.

  3. I wish I could say I tried the product. I received it but they sent me the wrong color. I called today to get the color I ordered and paid for but they told me I called too late and it’s past the 30 days. Due to traveling, I did not get a chance to look at this box until 4 months later. Once I opened I noticed immediately, they sent Terra cotta instead of tan. When I talked to the young…and I mean young..lady on the phone, she was scripted and no matter how much I tried, she didn’t budget and told me I cannot exchange it. I said, I’m not asking for my money back, I’m simply asking you send me the product I ordered but nothing. I asked to speak to her superior and she said, ‘they’re just going to tell you the same thing’. I said I don’t care, I want to talk to someone other than you. Now I was furious. Of course no one came to the phone, because the person was “busy”!! This company has no sense of customer satisfaction. They obviously have no idea what that is. I have placed a complaint with the BBB and I noticed there’s quite a few complaints there for this company. I am now going to contact our local TV station and mention they scammed me out of my money because they refuse to send me the product I ordered. So consumers beware!! This company is nothing but a ripoff and the fact they don’t even care if you’re satisfied or not, is of no concern to them. I wonder how they sleep at night? Their ‘so called’ return policy starts out with “Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied…” but obviously it’s just words that are not backed up by this very unprofessional company.

  4. I love grout bully. I bought it at CVS and could not believe how great it works. My floor looks Brand new.

  5. Grout Bully is a joke. It is nothing but glorified shoe polish. It is difficult to get out of the bottle and the “liquid” hardly covers the grout much less colors it. DO NOT waste your money on this product!

  6. I purchased the grout with my credit card on 11-17-11 and never received my order. I called customer service on 3-27-12 to imply about my order, I told them to either send me my purchase or return my money, they told me to fax them a copy of my credit card receipt in which I did (with a successful fax confirmation) and that someone would get back to me, nobody ever did. WARNING, DO NOT BUY FROM GROUT BULLY, IT’S A SCAM!

  7. Asking the professionals out there… and I personally haven’t tried this idea. However, the whole Shoe Polish complaint thing brought a thought to mind. Would using actual Liquid Shoe Polish and then using a Grout Sealer not work? I know one would be limited to White, Black and Brown. For a around five to six dollars for a 12oz bottle of Grout Sealer at Home Depot and a couple of bucks for the polish this may be a cost effective solution.

  8. Our ceramic tile-kitchen, eat in area, 2 and 1/2 bathrooms are all almost 20 years old. The builder did not seal any of the grout. I do not need to tell you about the dirt and grime. Disgusting. I have just completed almost 3/4 of the project. The grout was so dirty that I had to repeat 2 and 3 times with the Grout Bully. Now, I have new and beautiful looking tile! The product is a miracle for us. We have tried everything to clean to no avail until Grout Bully. Thanks for a wonderful product.

    • I Saw this on TV & bought it at Bartelles. It really works, you need to take your time. My floors look Great. In areas that are really bad I had to reapply. We live in a RV & replaced the carpet with tile 3 Yrs. ago. We also have 3 small dogs. Go to one of the stores that sell it, spent the $10.00 & try it on a small area in your home. I steam clean my floors also every day & it does not come off when I steam clean. One thing you need to have the area your working in well vended. I would buy this again.

  9. Guys and ladies. It is what it is. Grout Buddy applied nicely, but the chamois sponge was not good to get the remainder of the grout buddy. I used a dampened Scotch Brite Non-scratch sponge. Worked great. You have to wait at least 2 hours for it to dry. Re-apply areas that were not covered completely. Keep in mind when you have ceramic floors that are slightly etched, the excess is more difficult to remove. The ad showed a perfectly smooth surface. After 2 hours it seemed fine. The real test will be how it holds up to a steamy shower tomorrow. For those who feel you got ripped off, it does what it says it does. It didn’t say it will last forever. For the meantime, it worked fine for me, just a little more effort than what’s on the ad. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sell the product.


  11. When I got Grout Bully, they sent me bottle that was completely hard. In other words, when you squeeze it to get it out of the bottle, nothing comes out. Also when I tried to call the phone number they have listed on website and on packing slip, it does not exist. In other words, there is no phone number. I want my money back and I am writing to tell them so.

  12. Ok there are products that are absolute crap and then there is Grout Bully. You see the commercial and you are like wow what a great idea but let me tell you the product is worthless. It would be better to color your grout with permanent marker and it would probably last longer too. Not only is grit bully temporary, as in it wears off, but it is almost impossible to spread and extremely time-consuming plus it costs a lot of money. I can not believe that its inventor can stand up for such a horrible and utterly useless product. It is shameful and I hope he issued for very last cent he made from this garbage product.

  13. I have seen the commercials, but I did not purchase this product because all it appears to do is “paint” the grout. I should mention that I have over 10 yrs experience selling cleaning products to restaurants—which will have a much heavier soil load than what you will find in your house. Actually “cleaning” your grout can be quite easy if you know the correct procedures. Pick your floor cleaner and properly mix it according to the instructions. You will then need to slop that solution onto the floor, creating a bit of a puddle, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. The “time factor” is critical… in fact, it may mention this on the label. Once you allow this time to pass, use a scrub brush (preferably with a long handle) on the grout lines….understand that I hate to use the word “scrub” because that implies hard work. You’ll actually only need to agitate with the scrub brush with light pressure because the chemistry of the cleaner will have already done the heavy lifting. You’ll just need to agitate to remove the soil the product has loosened up. You’ve probably burnt something on a pot or pan before, so you know that trying to cleaning it right away is pointless…so what do you do? Let it soak for awhile and the job is a lot easier…it’s the exact same concept. Give it a shot if you want “clean” grout, if you’re just looking for a color change…well I guess this is the product for you.

    • Another note… I have read a few more posts and I have seen that someone spent 4 hrs prepping their grout with a putty knife…you may need to repeat the procedure above more than once, depending upon how heavy the build up in the grout lines are. Please understand…it may take a little time, but recovering your grout lines should not be a labor intensive process.

  14. We purchased the Grout Bully, it was a total WASTE OF MONEY!! It does not work. You could use white shoe polish & it would do just as good. As some of the others said, WE GOT SCAMMED AGAIN. BUT HOPEFULLY LEARNED OUR LESSON ABOUT BUYING SUCH crap …. DO NOT BUY IT!!

    • I absolutely agree! I was going to write a review but yours is what I was going to say-WHITE SHOE POLISH! I knew it was too good to be true but I was looking for an easy answer. Oh well, only costs $10 at Walmart and I’m not in the kitchen much so hopefully, it will last a bit longer for me.

  15. I would love to leave a Grout Bully review. I ordered on 3-6-2012 and have received no conformation ! Today is Monday 4-9-2012. We finished laying new tile last week, it would sure look nice w/Grout Bully to accent the tile. My order # is 6346664396496 . I know you will give this your undivided attention. Thank you in advance for your expedited work.

    William R Weiss Jr.

  16. I am not very impressed with their salesmanship of this product. They said when I ordered would be shipped 2 to 6 weeks. It has now been just over 10 weeks and I still don’t have my order. Buyers beware.

  17. As someone who cleans tile and grout and applies color seal professionally, I see many problems with this product. Unfortunately if the grout is not cleaned and “prepped” properly you are asking for many problems down the road such as flaking, peeling, etc. I have personally seen this exact thing happen. Talk about a nightmare! The commercial shows the best case scenario….smooth edged glazed ceramic tile with recessed grout lines. These are just a few of the things I look for before I price color sealing jobs. This is one of those things that even when applied by someone who is educated on proper application, is very tedious and time consuming.

  18. Grout Bully doesn’t work as easily as advertised, but it does work. If you’re willing to take the time and properly prep the surface it definitely works. There is no substitute for hard work. I spent about 3 or 4 hours of prep time cleaning out all of the grout lines with a putty knife (not removing the grout, just scraping off the gunk on top of it), then I spent about a 1/2 hour applying and wiping off grout bully and now the floor looks brand new. I also bought a grout sealer and sealed it the next day. AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO ORDER ONLINE. You can buy it a WalMart for $10.00. The sponges that come with it are useless though, just use a regular sponge or a face cloth, and keep rinsing it as you go.

  19. I just bought it tonight from Walmart and used it…I’m glad it only cost me 10 bucks….definitely a waste of money! It’s paint, it doesn’t clean as it says and it’s extremely hard to wipe the excess away! I’m 9 months pregnant and was certain scrubbing the tiles would send me into labor (that would have made the 10 dollar loss worth it!) I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and I won’t use it again! If you don’t mind a half a**, cheap looking job then the product might be “OK” for you!

  20. I ordered on January 3, 2012 and still haven’t gotten it yet. They didn’t use my card so I emailed and cancelled order. Think I will just try something else after reading all the complaints.

  21. Thanks to all who took the time to share their experiences on the Grout Bully product. I too shy away from infomercials and the tenor of the comments to date certainly give one pause before embarking on this RIP-OFF venture. Where ARE the credit card companies in all this? Why have they not been shut down by now? Where is the state Consumer Protection Agency and what are they doing? I’ve contended for a long, long time that the media who present this garbage for the consumer to buy into have a responsibility to protect their audience beyond the statement “the views and claims expressed by the advertiser are not necessarily shared by this station” (paraphrased, I’m sure). I think they have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to review their advertisers and their product claims. I think that they should NOT be lending credibility to baseless scams and money-grubbing companies. As far as shipping, this particular product (multiple tubes, even) would fit in a USPS $5.25 mailer. The remaining excess costs represent an unconscionable attempt to part the public from their hard earned money. Shame on such practices and the people who perpetrate and commit such felonious schemes. I guess such companies will continue to exist, sadly, because there is still a segment of the populace who believe almost everything they see or hear in the way of TV advertising and consequently fall victim to such scams. Unfortunate, I believe that a lot of them are the ones who can least afford to lose that much money to these get rich quick schemers.

    Well….sorry for the rant……was really interested in the product possibilities until I read these reviews. Whew…..again…..thanks to all who shared and who certainly helped shape my negative opinion about this company.

    • The last two sentences of your first paragraph says it all. Too many people are conned into buying this worthless stuff. And the problem is, they keep coming back for more. They are addicted to “As seen on TV” junk. And as you say it’s the ones who can least afford to lose that much money. That’s what these advertisers are after.

  22. Hello everyone,

    I used the Grout Bully on my kitchen tiles and it works great but instead of using the shammy try using a old damp cloth and then go in circular motions it will take it off alot easier. And also I work for Walgreens and we have a “as seen on TV dept where we sells things that are seen on TV” and guess what? we finally got in YUP THE GROUT BULLY so check your local stores and that will save on shipping. Have a great day!!!

  23. Whether or not Grout Bully is a paint. It works. Hated the shipping charges to be honest but as far as product itself goes Yes it stays on, it doesn’t run. I had no problems. I’ve literally had it for 5 months and it still looks good. The mold hasn’t come through at all. So sealant, colorant, grout cleaner, paint. I really don’t care. My bathroom floor looks so different now.

  24. Why not just go to Home Depot and get Polyblend Grout Renew–8 oz bottle for $11.48 or any of the other colored grout sealers that are available locally? It really is just as easy to use and lasted for well over a year on the white grout of my kitchen floor. I just do refreshers in the areas needed. It comes in many different shades. It is also fast drying which it seems this Grout Bully stuff is not. Besides if you don’t like it, you can easily return it.

    • Lynda, I tried the Polyblend and I didn’t like it. It was too diluted to stay on for a long time. The consistency of it wasn’t what I expected so I did end up returning it. I ordered the Grout Bully this morning. I have mixed feeling about the reviews I’m seeing so I hope they get proven wrong. I really need to fix my grout lines.

  25. I have not yet used Grout bully, but I did get the bill. An e-mail was sent to me with the charge amount of $55.89, when I receive the charge it was $60.84 instead. I replied back to the e-mail with the question, why was I charged more than the original price? I received no response. So when ordering make sure you watch what you have been charged.


  26. Y’all had the shipping issue too? My shipment came in 4 weeks which to be honest I feel is a long time for such a small delivery. Anyhow I actually bought Grout Bully for my sister because she always complaints about the dirt in her bathroom. She raises small kids and it’s impossible to keep her tiles clean. I wanted to report that this stuff works the way it says. Drying time is longer than advertised but it took such a huge weight off her shoulder let me tell ya. Angies happy as a clam now.

  27. “Floor makeover package” $49.99 and you get free shipping, I’ll take it. Stopped by here to see what everyone else said, some are good, some are bad, some just complain about slow and expensive shipping. Hopefully mine doesn’t take long to ship. Has anyone use this yet? dos it work?

  28. Used Grout Bully on my outdoor tiles. Not a good idea. Had rainfall soon after and hated seeing it all pretty much “melt away”.

    Used it indoors this time in my bathroom. It looks surprisingly good. kind of hard to get on corners but I improvised and made it work. Still waiting for it to dry so will update once it does.

  29. Tried Grout Bully on my kitchen tiles. Bought the terracotta one. shipping charges were hefty. Wish I had the free shipping up-sell option when I ordered.

    Anyway I ended up using grout bully with a paint brush so I didn’t waste any with the thick applicator (which defeats the purpose of “how easy it is” but then again my grout line is soo thin.) It was a time consuming project but nonetheless my floors look really good. I’m hoping this isn’t short lived. I’m hoping it stays on. I don’t have any small children so I do have control over dirty shoes and messes but hopefully it wont just ware off. Loving the look though.

  30. Just ordered the free shipping up charge. I guess for an extra 39 bucks you get extra tubes and pro caulk and erasers etc. and it eliminates any processing and handling charges so I took it. Id rather pay money for product than for just shipping alone. I literally keep seeing complaints on shipping I cant even take it anymore. Hope this stuff works.

  31. Just got Grout Bully. Ordered what seems like forever ago. Overall it works. You have to wash the applicator tip or it dries.

  32. I have ordered Grout Bully, but I cant use it. I followed direction, shook the container real hard, got my bathroom tiles ready, but nothing came out of the container, I squeezed the container hard as I could, but nothing came out. I have tried the second container to with the same result. It is the biggest scam. My advice to the consumers, don’t buy it! I can’t even send the product back, no return address.

    • Charles I had the same issue. Did you find the blue button at the middle of the spongy applicator? once you press that button down the fluid will come out. It took me a while too. Let me know if that works.

  33. I did not confirm the purchase of this product. My credit card was charge about two months after I never confirmed to purchase this product on As far as I’m concerned this was an unauthorized charge and they have no business charging my credit card two months after I inquired about the product on I did not confirm the purchase of this product because of the ridiculous shipping and handling charges. Seeing as I never confirmed this transaction I had expected all my money back ($27.52). I also spent $5.80 plus my time and travel to return the product and only received $10.63 back, so when it’s all said and done I had spent $33.32 on this product I never agreed to buy and only end up getting $4.83 back after subtracting the amount it cost me to send it back from the refund amount.

    I have a video review of this product. You can check it out with this link.

  34. Have nothing good to say about Grout Bully-took forever to arrive, didn’t cover as advertised, didn’t clean off tile as advertised.

  35. My wife uses the grout bully with comet. So she scrubs the floor clean first then applies the grout bully and it looks like new. Did you all receive yours? It worked for us :/

  36. Just got my shipment FINALLY! Reviews on shipping don’t look so good but here’s to hoping this thing works. I’d like to give it a chance.

  37. I also check on the net about the grout bully product. Was not convinced to place an order. However I do use the grout pen, and it works great. Grout lines look like new. Also you can buy this at Lowes, I think home depot may carry it also. Hope this helps.

  38. Hello….I am Sherly. I believe that the appearance of your home projects out lifestyle. Hence, I always love my sweet home to be clean and uncluttered. But one can hardly prevent the bathroom and kitchen floors from being dirty, isn’t it? I had all the cleaning material ready at my home. But they consumed a lot of my time and energy. I wanted something that can fix my bathroom filth in just few minutes. My sister informed me of Grout Bully, a cheap but effective product. I suffered from a lot of mildew, mold and germs in my kitchen and bathroom, despite of using expensive cleaning materials. So I thought of cross checking the product before I could actually buy it as I was looking for a perfect change. I googled different sites. And what I came across was infuriating! All the reviews on the sites,,, seemed to be made up. Infact these sites seemed to be the manufacturer sponsored sites. On intense surfing, I came across this site, which solved all my confusions. Finally, I decided NOT to buy Grout Bully and stick to my old ones. Thanks to all of you for sharing the most valuable and helpful experiences.

  39. This stuff is such a scam..When I read this site I went and bought a $2 bottle of white shoe polish…My grout lines look brand new now!!! Used a sponge to wipe off the tiles…PERFECT! DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!

    • I was thinking of getting the Grout Bully but wanted to check the reviews before I did. Our bathroom tile is a mess and been looking for something to get it to look nice. Will try white shoe polish and see how that works. Thanks for the tip!

  40. There is a product made by Stone Care International that works great to color grout. Looks just like a magic marker. You clean the grout first and then apply. Comes in a few colors. I ordered some about 2 years ago and the pen finally dried up so I’ll order more. Worked great and a reputable company. Recommended by good housekeeping. Try it. You can order from their web site.

  41. wow some very passionate people on here. Thanks for comments I to was thinking about trying to find it at store. Some times if you never find it in the local stores that is always a red flag. I have used as seen on tv products but have learned lesson by not buying it and paying shipping and handling. This company may have a good product however due to its bad customer service it will not be around long. If I owned the company I would read these reviews and send everyone there money back and complimentary merchandise. I know people make mistakes but I believe it is not how many mistakes you make but how you fix them. A little customer service goes a long way. You cant make everyone happy but you can try.

  42. I purchased your product on 12-29-2011. Hasn’t arrived as of yet. When will it arrive the order # 6346075807243

  43. Whew! I’m glad I read these reviews, thanks everyone!

    I saw the infomercial & called around to stores in my area that often carry “As seen on TV” products (some of them actually DO work well, like the Titan Peeler) because I would never order from TV or their website – not worth paying P&H if you can just get it locally. No stores in my area are carrying it yet, so I went online to check it out, and now I won’t EVER buy this product.

    I have a handheld Scuncii steam cleaner that works really well, even if it is a bit of a pain to operate – it’s non-toxic, uses NO chemicals & cleans like a charm! I recommend this steamer to anyone.

  44. The commercial was way too loud. I do not know why screaming is productive. I just change the station or mute the volume. Then I make a mental note NEVER to buy a product when the Ads are so offensive.

  45. Thanks to all for the valuable responses. will not purchase this product. Anyone notice that most TV infomercials boast sending twice the product, just pay additional shipping for the second product. This reaks of scam.

    • My Mom just ordered this product and Scam is right!! Don’t call the number and order!! Once they get your credit card info they make you listen to many, many, many other products to purchase and keep you on the phone for 20-25mins. Make sure you decline ALL other products that you DO NOT WANT or your credit card WILL BE BILLED!! They never even gave her a total price that would be charged to her credit card for the purchase or a way to speak to a “live” person! This really stinks of SCAM. Also, a phone number they list for customer service is not in the U.S. Huh, imagine that?! Maybe calling India for product information?? DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!! If you really want it wait until it is available at a store near you.

      • Also, she ended up calling and cancelling her credit card to avoid ANY issues that could come from this transaction. You should be able to speak to a customer service rep at an 800 number that works without issue if the product is legitimate. End of story!!!!

        • The customer service is a 203 number… that is Connecticut number… last I knew… Connecticut was in the united states… moron…

        • Those of you that can’t figure out that you need to push the blue button to dispense the product need to complete a self evaluation of competency. You probably shouldn’t be using the product as you may mistake it for frosting if you leave it in your kitchen cabinet!!

  46. I hope everyone realizes that many of the favorable posts are made by people being paid to make those posts. It is called ‘salting’ review sites.

    • Thanks Irwin! I was going to post the same thing. TO all the folks that took the time to post a review…THANK YOU so much. I was considering getting this product, but now, NO WAY! I would have never ordered it online due to the outrageous “processing” charges, but now I won’t get it from WalMart either. Don’t you wonder where the FTC is? The BBB can’t do anything, but the FTC could. Also, CONTACT YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL’s office. When enough people complain, that will trigger an investigation by a state’s AG office. GOOD LUCK.

  47. Look like a good product. However, the applicator is wide, thus there would be considerable product waste on a 3/8″ thick grout joint.

  48. Looks like a good product. My observation is, however, that the applicator is wide to accommodate a wide grout joint. There would be considerable product waste on a 3/8″ wide joint.

  49. It took me a while to get mine also. I tried to call to speak to a representative to order over the phone because my intent was to decline the “but wait, there’s more” extra bottle! Unfortunately you can never get to a rep and there is no way to opt out of the 2nd bottle. You can’t decline it online either. In hindsight, I needed both bottles because it was so messy, I wasted most of the first bottle. Either I’m totally not handy or it definitely doesn’t go on as easy as the infomercial portrays. I wish the tip was more like a pen because it was really hard (for me) to get in spaces up against appliances or my island. I couldn’t even get the solution out at first. I thought I got a defective bottle at first but you have to expose the blue applicator tip and then push it in a bit and then it came out fine. Wish they had that in the instructions!

    Did it work? Yes. Was it worth the money? The jury is still out on that one. DEFINITELY not worth the $25.90 I paid for it, but if it truly was just $10, then it would have been no harm no foul. I’m sure it won’t last all THAT long but with the shape my floors were in, it did wonders and I’ll take what I can get for now.

  50. Use 2 gallons of hot water, 1/2 cup white vinegar and ounce of Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean grout. DO NOT use bleach or ammonia to clean it as it will fade and weaken the grout. Once it is clean and thoroughly dry, use grout sealer. Most grout was never originally sealed. If something is sold on an infomercial, don’t waste your money.

  51. When I saw it on TV I thought to surprise my mother, but decided to go over the reviews before making my order, unfortunately it want be any order.

    Thank you all for posting your comments

  52. Obviously everyone didn’t see it well…

    Grout Bully is Just a shoe polish. The reason some people are having a hard time with the S&H, are because of your trust in everything you see on t.v that works..? The S&H is where they get you.. at the end of each INFOmmercial they say “Get 2, just pay the additional shipping & Handling”.

    That there is a scam.. My friend bought some after over 6 weeks.. we used it & then went out and bought shoe polish for $9.99!

    Shoe polish/Grout Bully: Same Consistency, Color, Smell, and effect.

    • In other words.. If you are curious and would like to see how it works..
      Go to your local hardware/shoe store and pick up some white shoe polish.. or the also have shoe polish in tan,black,gray, and terracotta.

    • I ordered it. Waited. No Grout Bully! Called the Customer Service #. Back order? Really? Ok, cancelled my order. My refund appeared as a credit on my card within three days. No problem with that part but won’t order it now because of the reviews on the web.

  53. I was curious about this product after just seeing the commercial, though I always believe the “if it looks to good to be true” axiom. The site does however indicate that there are $7.95 P&H charges.

  54. Thank you everyone who left reviews, you saved me money and aggravation and I really appreciate your help!

    I just ordered Aquamix Grout Colorant for $21.39 on, and will first clean it with either Comet and hot water or Clorox Clean Up spray.

    Great advice everyone!

  55. Grout Bully is a scam!! They got one thing right, they are a Bully of a company!! They charged me twice what my receipt said when I checked out and lied to my credit card company about it!! Do not buy products form this company. They obviously are also trying to control any negative press or reviews of their product or service – most review sites appear to be controlled by them, very convenient!!!

  56. How come other people find the grout bully effective while others dont. In my conclusion, some of them may not be able to use it. You may want to read first the instructions before you use it unless it will become useless. On the first place, those who complain must have know there product more than just a good a advertisement. as a consumer, you are responsible for what you buy not the other people.

    • Kenn, If we did not trust a company/person who is selling us a product we would not buy anything from food to cars etc. The consumer can not research every product that is being sold. As a business person you want to sell a good product and have repeat customers. If this is a scam, shame on them and they are just a fly by night scam who will not last long after they have gotten enough money to close shop and move on to another scam. I feel sorry for the had working person who believed in the product they just bought that doesn’t work and has cost them more money then they thought. Shame on them and I don’t mean the consumer either…….

      • Yeah that’s a realistic comparison. Food or grout bully…really? Do you ever worry the butcher is slipping you soy? You’re an idiot for saying that. Some things are necessity and some aren’t. Food is. Grout bully? not so much, if your dumb enough to buy into this crap then you should be getting ripped off for being stupid, just paying for peoples retirement with your stupidity

    • Did you leave it in room temperature? If it’s very cold it doesn’t work as well. I just got mine and it came out easy. Hope this helps!

          • Hey J- Maybe you should get a life and stop being so rude to people on review sites. Do you have a real review for this item? If not, get a job and stop harassing people.

          • I totally agree with the person above me. If you can’t say something nice about people, whether you know them or not, you should not say it. People are entitled to make mistakes or bad judgments. No one is perfect. Be kinder to others, it may pay off.

    • I too was frustrated at first because I couldn’t get the stuff out either! If you push the foam part down a bit, it will expose the blue tip of the applicator. Push it in a bit with your finger or a pin and then it comes out just fine.

  57. Is there any reason just plain old normal grout and sealer can’t be used? The process is about the same.

    What is the advantage using Grout Bully?

  58. Looks like a lot of these posts are about delayed shipments. I ordered mine after thanksgiving and got it last week, so about 3 weeks. There is a number at the bottom of their site that I called and they said they had problems in the fall with too many orders but that they are now shipping on time. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but will post once I do. I tried a little spot in the bathroom and it seemed to work! 🙂

  59. Does anyone every get this stuff delivered…I ordered in October and haven’t gotten it yet. I emailed them…no answer…hmmmmm…do I smell scam?

      • I ordered Grout Bully a while ago too and just got it. I heard there was a back order issue but now they’re mailing them all out. Hence why some people are saying they ordered and got it within a week. I’m gonna post pics soon of the results.

    • My wife ordered ours back in September and we still have not received our order either. It’s not about the money, but the service (or lack thereof) that bothers me!

    • I used Comet mixed in hot water and an old toothbrush to clean my grout. It disinfects and it looks great. For floors, let the mixture sit on the grout for about 10 mins after working it in with the toothbrush. Then mop as usual. Not a glamorous job, but cheaper than other methods and won’t damage the grout or cover it! I thought Grout Bully might be easier, but after reading these reviews I’m sticking with good old Comet. 😉

  60. Don’t expect your Grout Bully within 10 days of ordering. Called today to find out it takes 2 to 6 weeks. Wow…they advertise on television but don’t reveal the long shipping time. Do they get the product from China?

  61. To all — happy holidays. Just call your credit card company and jump through the hoops and dispute the charge …. reason code to your card company, product not as described or services not rendered. Do not take it sitting down people!!

  62. I was thinking of ordering Grout Bully, but decided to read the reviews first. After mostly terrible reviews I went to work on my very dirty grout. I was astounded how clean I got it on the first try with Clorex Cleanup Spray and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Went through many, many Magic Erasers, but I cleaned 500 square ft. of tile that looks new. Now I must seal it to keep it looking new.

    • I have used the Clorox bleach pen and Magic erasers too, they work wonders! I even use the magic eraser on stubborn carpet stains, it takes out what no other product or steam machine can. The bully thing just looks like shoe polish to me and isn’t worth my credit card to find out! I will get my grout clean in less time than trying to get a refund for a bad product 🙂

  63. I have been waiting at least 2 months for my product and it still has not arrived. After reading these reviews I’m inclined to do what I have wanted to do for a LONG TIME….remove the filthy tile and replace it with laminate flooring. Grout is just not worth the worry anymore.

  64. Hey look folks – go to your local hardware store and get a can ofK2R and a foam brush- it’s water soluble so you can wipe off the excess with a damp sponge- covers great and has a mold inhibitor in it – it comes white so if you want a specific color add some in a separate container until u get what you want then apply- dries to the touch in 1 hour and you can mop it in 24-has worked great for me for years.

      • @SWiley, K2r is technically a fabric/carpet cleaner, but it has been around a long time and works well. Here’s their website: You can get K2r at the following stores:

        ACE Hardware
        True Value Hardware
        Do It Best Hardware
        Winn Dixie Supermarkets (Southeast Region)
        Demoula’s Supermarkets (Boston Area)
        Items Galore Stores
        Discount Drug Marts
        Superkleen Direct
        Foam To Size, Inc.

        Hope this helps.

  65. This Grout Bully is a total scam. It is hard to apply, and does not apply evenly. The shipping cost was absolutely ridiculous.

  66. I ordered two bottles of this product months ago and totally forgot all about it until I saw an amount that had been debited from my bank account for $64.70. How in the hell can two bottles of this crap that’s advertised for $10.00 a bottle plus one for free end up costing $64.70? I’m calling on the Attorney General of this company’s state to complain. This is definitely a scam. If alot of us petition we could put them out of business. Remember one person started a petition against the big banks charging excessive fees on debit cards such as Bank of America and BOA the bully backed down!

  67. I found the container difficult to use, the product flowed inconsistently causing reapplications to get an even finish. The container is hard and difficult on the hands, otherwise it is cost effective and subsequent to the numerous reapplications I was satisfied with the result.

    • Idiots? A bit harsh on the criticism don’t you think? If you are so savvy on scams what on earth led you to this review page? Obviously you were curious about the product.

      • Maybe harsh. How about we agree that anyone who orders the stuff after reading this page is certainly not too bright.

        • I got here because I was going to order the stuff and decided to read the reviews first. Glad I did because I will not order it now. Thanks to all that ordered, but sorry it didn’t work for you. That’s what reviews are for. Sorry Kristen, you are harsh!

  68. Absolute scam. It takes forever to get and the S&H charges are unreal. I asked them to cancel but they said they could not because it already ha shipped. I don’t think it took UPS 10 days to deliver a small package. These guys are total crooks.

  69. SCAM!! Doesn’t work! They charge $7.95 PER BOTTLE for S&H and this total is NOT REFUNDABLE! This shipping amount is not posted when you purchase. Only when it gets charged on your credit card or receive it weeks and weeks later do you see exactly how much was charged!

  70. Ordered Grout Bully in July, finally shipped in Nov. Product cost is $20.00, and shipping / handling is $31.80 (for a box of less than two pounds, standard US mail). No chance of us using this scam of a product; it’s being returned and the credit card charge is being reversed.

  71. No TV infomercial product ever works. Mold needs to be treated the right way – this product WILL NOT take care of the problems.

    Yvette and Jean obviously does not know how to use review forms.

  72. I saw this Grout Bully product on TV today and decided that it must simply be too good to be true….after reading the reviews, I will not waste my $$ on this product. Time to get out the white vinegar and clean the grout the good old fashioned way!

  73. I tried to call the number that is advertised everywhere for this promotion to get a second. But the number seems to be DISCONNECTED!! I went on the Internet to try and order it and I didn’t go through with it because I was leery about the phone line being cut off. They are advertising this product on tv so you would think that all possible ways of selling would be available. Apparently not!! So I am really wondering if it is a SCAM. I will continue to use my liquid gel bleach it works when you leave it on for a while. If anyone has any info about this product please post it so we the consumer can protect ourselves.

  74. 1.Nano technology being used more and more.
    2.Not happy about that.
    3.Can anyone prove they can clean it all up?
    4.Am I the only one who nearly had a heart attack when I saw they were encouraging home use?
    5.Do You think it’s honorable to offer a product when so little is known about it’s effects? (Don’t worry the military probably got this wrong too.)
    6.If it does do that to grout what does it do to your insides?
    7.PLEASE do not try it out that is neither what I meant nor a good idea!
    8.Feel free to email me if you know how to combat this or have a few ideas please,I’m still stuck at “come the revolution…..”Thank You.

    • Are you serious? This stuff is shoe polish. If shoe polish is nanotechnology, it’s been around for 200 years at least.

      • Yeah, it looks like standard paint and nothing more…which by the way I would be happy to use if it worked and the company was not such a rip off with the shipping and handling.

  75. You can get the same results with a magic marker. It is even cheaper then this product. Plus it only covers the mold and mildew. It does not get rid of it. Only by sight.

    • How does the magic marker work? Have not seen a white or off white magic marker. Willing to try-please suggest.

      Thank you much

  76. I want to cancel my Grout Bully order…I ordered it online in May and by phone in June..Have talked to several people with NO answer to when I would get my order…I am NOT happy about the delay and have chosen another company to order from…will have it in 3 days and I have a tracking # already…

    • What company did you order it from? I was thinking about waiting until it came 2 a store near me and just buy it then.

  77. Grout Bully is a temporary quick fix type of product. When applied the grout between the tiles will give you that new look. The new look will last approximately. 1 month before the old grout color will gradually reappear. This is simply a tv. Sales marketing ploy to make a quick buck for those too lazy to spend t0 dollars on real grout that will last several years. This product is mainly used by realtors trying to sell their clients on a new floor or shower that is actually old and mold ridden. Buyer beware.

  78. How do you keep the new grout lines clean after applying grout bully? Will I need to continue to apply grout bully after each cleaning? Do I reapply every year, every five years, every ten years, etc?

    Do I need to seal the grout lines after applying grout bully? Does grout bully repel mold and mildew?

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