Good Planet Super Solution

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What is Good Planet Super Solution?

Good Planet Super Solution is a cleaning solution that that claims to be strong enough to clean the toughest dirt, grime and grease. But that’s not all. Good Planet Super Solution claims that it is also non-abrasive so you can use it on your stainless steel, glass, marble and granite counter tops or flooring too. The Good Planet Super Solution promises to give you that squeaky clean sparkle to your home. But none of these claims have been confirmed by Good Planet Super Solution reviews


Good Planet Super Solution REVIEW

False marketing – Alan who bought Good Planet Super Solution complained in his review that he was bowled over by the infomercials of the product but the actual results are nowhere close to what you see in them. It is an expensive product that just doesn’t deliver.

It’s a crap product – Ed who used Good Planet Super Solution exposed in the review that the only good thing about the product is the sponge applicator that comes with it. The infomercial also leaves you with a lot of questions like what sort of protection does the car have and what is the type of accelerant used. According to him the product is completely useless.

No protection – Calum who reviewed Good Planet Super Solution revealed in his review that he didn’t think it gave his drive any kind of protection. Of course it claims to give you rain, polish and wax protection but that is just false claim.

Easy to use, not weather proof – Peter who used Good Planet Super Solution complained in his review that though it was the easiest wax on, wax off product he had used, the results left a lot to be desired. It certainly wasn’t waterproof as claimed.

How does the Good Planet Super Solution work?

The Good Planet Super Solution claims that it can clean, shine, seal and protect every hard surface both indoors and out. The Good Planet Super Solution not only cleans and shines any hard surface but also seals and protects the surface from dirt and stains coming back. Good Planet Super Solution tells all of its customer to go ahead and use it on bathroom floors to prevent soap scum and also fog on the mirrors. Isn’t that a nice surprise? Tired of wiping away the fog once you are done with a steamy shower? Struggling to find your reflection in the mirror because of the fog and steam blurring it out? Well, looks like Good Planet Super Solution can truly be a Good Planet Super Solution. Good Planet Super Solution claims to be equally strong and the same time non-abrasive enough to use it on your cars to wash and wax in just one simple step.

With the Good Planet Super Solution, you no longer have to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of cleaning products, since it claims to have the capabilities of all kinds of cleaners, waxes, polishes and solutions. It doesn’t stop there. The Good Planet Super Solution also claims to be an environmentally safe product. Being safe and non-toxic, it can be used on virtually any hard surface. Good Planet Super Solution promises you that it can be used anywhere starting with your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, basement – you name it. With no reviews yet, the Good Planet Super Solution may sound a little too good to be true. With their tall claims, a bit of research or relying on current users reviews is advisable. With Good Planet Super Solution claiming to a one stop solution to all your surface cleaning problems, you can now rely on Good Planet Super Solution for cleaning all of the hard surfaces within your home and outside.

The Good Planet Super Solution website lists out a number of different hard surfaces that can be cleaned effectively. Worried about cleaning agents being too strong on your refrigerator surface or stainless steel counters or polished marble? Not to worry since Good Planet Super Solution promises you that its non-abrasive solution will not only clean your surfaces but also protect it. No more worries about the paint peeling off or counter tops losing their sheen for lack of mild enough cleaning solutions who do the trick. Now use the Good Planet Super Solution to clean out your cars, campers boats, RVs – you name it. All this sound exciting to you ? go ahead and place your order or reach out to other customers who have used the product to find out about the performance.

What do I get?

  • 2 Good Planet Super Solution Bottles
  • 2 Good Planet Anti-Static Detailing Pads
  • 2 Good Planet Shop-Sized Microfiber Cloths
  • 1 Good Planet Fresh, The Odor Encapsulator

Price: $29.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling | Official website:

5 thoughts on “Good Planet Super Solution

  1. What you do is pile all the bottles together, the sponges and anything else they sent ya and pour 2 cups of petrol on the pile and then set it on fire . Stand there and watch it burn …and sweep it up after its finished and put it in the bin with the other rubbish you bought. Like the spin mop bucket with out a spin mop that big w dont stock…when will we ever learn.

  2. Can someone tell me how to apply the solution to surfaces. How do I use the microfiber cloth? Thanks

  3. I do not under the cynics I used it and it is pretty effective. I had to used a few thick paper towels on glass and tile surfaces and applied strong pressure, so it is not as easy as the advertising says , but overall it is effective to be fair , as compared to the usual glass/marble cleaning products that don’t work as well .However it is not cheap I neede 2/3 of bottle and 35 minutes to get the shower , tiles and floor plus sink mirrors and toilet seat back in beautiful condition .it does not work on rough surfaces like the grout area. I think I need to wipe down the shower after use to stop scums from accumulating, I think I will only need to clean the shower monthly maybe 2 and not weekly as with other chemical products Good luck

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