Go Green Drain Opener

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What is Go Green Drain Opener?

It is a new drain opener that opens up clogged sinks in a few seconds. It is eco-friendly, safe and does not cause any harm to pipes.

For trouble-free clean pipes

Go Green Drain Opener claims it’s a powerful solution that can dissolve the most stubborn clogs blocking your pipes in seconds. While your pipes often face risk of damage from ordinary drain openers, the creators of Go Green formula assert that you won’t have to worry about that as this dry crystal treatment formula targets only the clogs and not the pipe. It fights hair, grease, food, paper and anything that blocks your sink within seconds. According to the promoters of the drain opener, its exclusive advanced clog busting technology is its highlight, which thaws the trash in seconds and relieves you of the inconvenience of congested pipes.


Eco-friendly and safe

Go Green Drain Opener proclaims that it is wholly natural as it is an environmentally safe and eco-friendly solution. It assures you that you don’t have to worry about use of harmful chemicals in your home to clear the trash if you choose it over other alternatives. The drain opener is composed of dry crystals which are harmless and attack only the debris and not the pipes nor your well-being in any way.

Quick and easy to use

Go Green Drain Opener is a simple, quick and easy to use formula as it takes just a few seconds to help you get rid of the stubborn debris. All you have to do is pour one of the pre-measured treatment packages provided down in the drain, activate it by running hot water on it and wait for a few moments for the solution to work. The clog will get completely dissolved quickly and dissolve clogs in the pipes of toilet, sink, drains etc. anywhere. The drain opener instantly targets the clog by first softening and liquefying it and then dissolving it completely instantly. And even as it melts the debris, it guarantees that the pipes stay intact and suffer no damage. What makes it all the more convenient is the fact that the solution is provided in premeasured packets, so you simply need to cut a packet open and pour it in directly without worrying about the exact proportions. Go Green Drain Opener indeed seems to be an ideal choice that saves your time and money besides yielding 100% results.

What do I get?

You will get 12 Pre-Measured Treatments for only $10.00 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website gogreendrainopener.com


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